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Di Woodstock – Magicality

Welcome to my world of magic, mystery and history.   After years of owning a retail store in the heart of Gympie I have decided I want to continue my work but in a slightly different way. I will still be selling crystals and cards and taking Aura Photos at locations throughout the region.  You can buy certain products through my Website, and I will be featuring specials and new products on my facebook page.

The Energy and Wellbeing Expo’s held in Gympie, Maryborough and Hervey Bay details can also be found on my website along with other events that maybe of interest to local residents.

My association with the Gympie Family History Society is another passion of mine, researching the history of families from Gympie and surrounding areas. For more information on this visit my Genealogy page. www.magicality.com.au

Di Woodstock
Aura Camera & Gifts
0419 224 628

Paradise Nutrients

Paradise Nutrients is a Queensland based business located in the beautiful Lockyer Valley, about one hour drive west of Brisbane, Australia.

The Lockyer Valley is known as the fourth most nutrient rich valley in the world. Graham Ellem, as a farmer in the early 1990s, was trying to manage a sheep and cattle property through a severe drought. As with all droughts there was heart ache and desperation in trying to keep animals alive with just a little feed. It wasn’t until Graham introduced a range of plant based, colloidal clay and basalt minerals to the animals that he saw some positive signs in the animal’s health. As a result of this positive experience Graham dedicated himself to get involved to research and study mineral nutrition. After years of research, and experience in mineral nutrition, Graham found that he was able to rectify many nutrient imbalances that confront our society today. In recent years, by applying mineral nutrition to his own life, he has overcome some of his own health issues.

It is this experience and dedication that forms the very basis of Paradise Nutrients and the business that it is today. At Paradise Nutrients we focus on products with high mineral availability and we source plant derived mineral resources from exotic places around the world to develop mineral rich products. Our plant derived minerals come from pristine mineral rich valleys where the plants are either harvested from the wild and are naturally organic or they are from certified organic farms that have a world’s best practice in organic product. Minerals that come from a plant are by far the most bio available source of minerals outside of the food chain. They have been assimilated or digested by the plant through photo synthesis which turns them into quick acting water soluble colloidal minerals.

Paradise Nutrients is a modern day business with an exciting and exclusive range of products that are packed with mineral nutrition for the general well being of humans, plants and animals. Our products are delivered through a Direct Sales & Marketing Easy As Rewards Program where hard work is rewarded through fairness. Paradise Nutrients invites you to become a part of this great business and experience for yourself our products, opportunities and marketing system. This may just change your life!

Our Mission

Our mission in today’s modern world is to bring age old products and modern technologies together and through business, innovation and research focus on a better outcome for the health of each other, our environment, our pets and other animals. To build a multinational business that recognises and rewards hard work and offers opportunity for those willing to put in a little extra effort.

Our Values

To reach our goals and to achieve we must act with all honesty, fairness, kindness and trust. We encourage and recognise team and individual efforts. We believe that you only get out of something what you put into it and that hard work should be recognised and rewarded fairly. Helping someone less fortunate or weaker than yourself will make you stronger and richer for the experience.

Our Products

Paradise Nutrients focuses on products with high mineral availability and sources mineral resources from exotic places around the world to develop them. Our products are based on research and sound knowledge of age old unquestionable benefits and proven experiences. Our aim is to deliver products that are sensitive to nature and kind to ourselves without compromising the quality and standard of each product. We endeavour to keep our customers and members educated about our products and their benefits so they can make informed decisions. We will continue to develop a range of innovative products with the highest quality and standards that will excite members and customers to feel proud to be part of such a great business. Through modern technology we will provide a support system that can make a positive difference.

Paradise Nutrients
Graham Ellem
Non toxic plant based nutrients
0427 665 050

Psychic Moni

Monika Chrysta was born a Psychic/Clairvoyant receiving messages from her spirit guides and teachers.   Her amazing accuracy, insight and compassion will give you clarity, guidance and upliftment to help you take the next positive step on your Life journey.
 Being a reader for over 35 years she has achieved a reputation both in Australia and overseas for her insight, accuracy and understanding. She encourages and inspires her clients to live a life of positivity, self-empowerment, prosperity and strength.
Her connection with guides and spirit amazes her clients as love, compassion and direction flow from the heart and often loved ones from the other side come through. When asked how she does the amazing things she does, she simply says “She only repeats her guides words”.

Cat Edwards

Spiritual Coach & Mentor Clairvoyant Medium

Life Coach, Civil Funeral Celebrant & J.P (Qual)

Helping you in your life direction, Cat can see the potential in you, even when you can’t.  Her life’s purpose is to honour life and encourage success, that’s the life in you and the success that’s yours for the taking.

During a Reading with Cat, she may use

* Numerology *Angel and Energy Cards *Pendulum * Clairvoyance *Clairaudience *Mediumship, Life Coaching.

Cat may give you tools to help you work through issues and can help you to look upon key people and situations with greater understanding.  Most of all, it is her intention to help you to understand your life better and during a session with Cat, she is totally focused upon you.

Cat is a natural born clairvoyant medium, having had many encounters with spirits as a child.  In the Yr2000 she began her professional spiritual career as a Reader, J.P (Qual) 2005, Civil Funeral Celebrant in 2006, Writer & host of own radio show ‘The Spiritual Workshop’ 2011 – 2013.  Since then, Cat has become a regular guest on Nth & Sth American Internet radio and is a guest speaker at many spiritual churches and centres in the Nth Bris and Sunshine Coast region.  Cat has also developed & hosted her own successful shows and workshops and has a blog on her website.   As a trained Life Coach, Cat is bound by ethical standards, The Privacy Act 1988 and the principals of her industry association IICT.  When you have a Reading with Cat, you can be assured you are with a professional.

Gympie U3A

U3A or University of the Third Age is an international movement to encourage retired and semi retired people to take part in lifelong learning for pleasure. It caters for people who no longer work full time and yet still wish to broaden their horizons; there is no pressure, no exams, just a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

U3A Gympie also welcomes younger people who might wish to share their knowledge with us, the only proviso is that they understand that the classes are aimed at /suitable for older folk. Our Tutors are all volunteers who are willing to share their skills with other Members.U3A was founded in Toulouse, France in 1972. It was a formal University based organisation by 1975, and the international association had been established and in 1981 a less formal concept of self-help and mutual sharing was introduced into Britian. In 1984 the first Australian U3A was formed in Melbourne based on the British model. Gympie U3A held its first class in 1987. Australia now has over 200 U3A branches.

Gympie U3A
George Wakelin
You Retire from Work, Not From Life
0402 468 006

Andrew Holt – A Wise Apple Tree

Are you a wise kid? How do you become one?

Join Sam under the wise red apple tree with Grandpa Joe, to discover a few tips that can change your own hero’s journey too.
What treasures will you find inside to remember the wise kid you are?

‘A Wise Apple Tree Helps Me’-Top Tips for Wise Kids is current and covers areas of mindfulness and neuroplasticity of the brain, positive psychology, self-esteem and empowerment, self directed learning, resilience and a load more. It’s linked to the national curriculum promoting self awareness, social awareness, self responsibility and social responsibility through sharing and applying many simple but effective learning tools that come from both modern and ancient wisdoms.

The book enhances not only children’s, but parents and all adults, lives through a number of practical tools that can be applied daily in any circumstance. These tools come in the form of simple and creative rhymes that are easy to remember and can become like a daily affirmation for change. It challenges each one of us to be our best role models for the change we wish to see in others.

Transference Healing

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency-healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced. It works with the resources of frequency, light and matter (elements) to initiate and support ‘transference’; a shift from one state of being into another. This is pure alchemy.

Transference Healing® is a self-healing tool that seeks to empower you to work with the very depths of your human anatomy, consciousness and spiritual being. It unifies ancient healing traditions with unique lightbody (electromagnetic) healing procedures channelled by Alexis Cartwright, creating an intricate and profoundly effective form of healing that is vital to the evolutionary expansion the human body, consciousness and planet are undergoing at this time.

Receiving regular Transference Healing® sessions, or learning to perform them yourself, enables you to achieve and sustain a consistent level of health and wellness, while also connecting you to the complexity of your divine and inner nature. It’s a healing of hope, light and love, enhancing spiritual awakening and a reconnection to and through the Cosmic Christ, so you can return to a state of oneness with the omniverse and the God/Goddess.

Sandy and Annie will be facilitating a presentation on Transference Healing® and a Meditation channeling aspects and procedures of the Transference Healing® modality to enable you to experience this profound frequency. As we anchor deeply into the core of our being through meditation and the stillness within we are more able to make the shifts of consciousness we require to support our self-healing, ascension and self-mastery process.

Annie Wheeling
Transference Healing ® Practitioner and Teacher
Ph: 0428 45 4448

Hippies Critters

If you’re into health and DIY Hippies Critters is for you. Hippie Critters offers all kind of things for your household like:

  • Homemade Soap
  • Skincare Products
  • and DIY kits to make your own
  • Soap Nuts Eco-Friendly
  • Home preserving kits
  • Cheese making
  • Yoghurt & Kefir
  • Stoneware Kumbucha Jars
  • Water Filtration Urns
  • and Fermentation Crocks.

Contact them on 0490836947

Finding Healthy Change

Finding Healthy Change, owned by Jasmine and Estelle. This business was inspired by “be the change you wish to see in the world” two mothers with young children on a mission to change their health and the way we wrap our foods.
Once it was discovered how to make Bizzy Bee Food Wraps Jasmine and Estelle were keen to share them with others, inspiring others to make a simple change that has a big impact. Simple to use, made with quality ingredients, biodegradable and reusable, making the wraps a fantastic addition and alternative for any kitchen.

Also, Finding Healthy Change has an upcoming range on offer of natural health supporting personal care products such as facial masks and organic lip balms.
The mission, to have healthy alternatives that don’t cost the earth and your health.

Finding Healthy Change
Estelle Holley
Bizzy Bee Food Wraps, Organic Lipbalms, Organic Face Masks
0414 908 189

Kyna Sully – Social Entrepreneur


There are trillions of cells in your body that communicate with each other. They know when they need nourishment, protection, repair and even destruction. When cells don’t receive proper nutrition, whether from age, diet or other environmental factors, they won’t communicate as well. But with the right kind of nutrition, your body can do amazing things.

Mannatech is the pioneer of groundbreaking technology that’s revolutionising nutrition, immune health, weight loss, skincare and more. Called Glyconutrition, it provides targeted nourishment for your cells through specialised ingredients derived from plants. Our supplements come from real food to help give your body the right kind of nutrition for a healthy life.

Kyna is one of our speakers and will be presenting a stimulating and educational talk on Empowering Wellness through Fat Loss. Her talk will incorporate a power point demonstration on the dangers of fat, health implications, making healthy lifestyle choices, changing body composition for wellness and a complete fat loss lifestyle system for ultimate success



The Brew Captain

The Brew Captain mobile coffee van business was born when Mark Cunningham, ‘The Captain’, decided to combine his love of coffee and the ocean to sail the high seas of the suburbs of the Sunshine Coast, taking people hot and cold brews and snacks too.

Mark grew up with a family business in Coffs Harbour and has worked in the transport, hospitality and retail industries during his career.

Whilst on the road as a truck driver for several years he developed a love for coffee and ever since he has been on a continual voyage to find the best coffee on the planet, before taking matters into his own hand’s under-going barista training.

He now gets a kick out of making the perfect coffee (or chai latte or ice chocolate) for events and customers all over the Sunshine Coast.

When he’s not making coffee you’ll find him near or on the ocean, quite possibly fishing.


Shambhala House – Australia

I am very excited to be part of the Heal Yourself Expo this year for the first time. My sister and I have a newly established business inspired by our overseas travels. We specialise in sourcing home décor products, jewellery, accessories and giftware from community-minded small businesses and talented artists from around the world.

We are excited to bring to the Expo our Yin Jewelry For The Soul range. Yin is a beautiful range of jewellery that is designed to nourish the soul. Its inspiration is a reflection of the earth’s energy, borrowed from nature and spirit guides.

We have more than 200 pieces, comprising:
• The seven chakras of the body
• Mandalas each with their own special meaning from abundance and consciousness to creativity and happiness
• Jewelry For The Spirit pendants, charms and earrings including Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Sri Yantra, Lotus, Tree of Life and Hand of Fatima
• Delightful earrings featuring different yoga poses
• The Om Symbol
• And much more.

So choose the piece that is right for you! The story of Yin is inspiring so check out our website.

We look forward to seeing you at the Expo!

Email: shambhalahouse@hotmail.com
Like us on Facebook @ Shambhala House – Australia
Website: www.shambhala-house.myshopify.com

Stephanie McGuffog – Empowering Women through Real Health & Wealth

Stephanie McGuffog has a vision to help empower women to be the best version of themselves, through attaining real health and ultimately wealth.

This vision has evolved after her transition from being a successful corporate marketer to a single mum with two young children. Her world and priorities changed when she left an unhappy marriage and created a new life for her and her children on the Sunshine Coast.

Since moving to the Sunshine Coast she has created a successful online business, working from home around her family and also mentoring other women to do the same.

She is inspired by the non-toxic and clean products she discovered on her Real Health journey and is excited to share them with you at the Expo.

Ask Stephanie for her revealing reports that will educate you on the ingredients to look out for, and avoid, in all of your health and wellness products. This could be the beginning of your Real Health journey.

Ph: 0407759912

Angela Gugger – Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser

A hand held rod reads in 1 minute the cellular energy emission from your body and scans 39 major health systems identifying any out of balance health / emotional issues.

I then provide the body tools to heal itself –Emotional Release, nutrition, removal of toxins & lifestyle balance advice. I can then recommend different Practitioners to help with resolving issues, but my belief is that people need to learn to help them self and not hand that power over to somebody else. I love to advise people on different modalities, give them tools such as Taping, meditation, affirmations or receipts for healthy foods.

On the day I will give them a free scan but would have to set up a 60 -90 min consultation to properly interpret the results. The consult can take place at my home or at their place and costs $90.-. I do not sell any products as such, but point them to a good naturopath for supplements if needed.

Angela Gugger
Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser Test & Advice
0412 570 973

Soulchez Wholistic – Glenda Middlemiss

I created Soulecez Wholistic Coaching because I wanted to combine good nutrition to support cell life with the inner intelligence of herbs, aromatherapy, flower essences and colour.  Music, smell, reminiscing in days gone by of herbal folklore and their spirit has touched my heart deeply.  I have learned to bring the soul of plant, their colour vibrations and energetics of nature into healing.  But most of all these beautiful life forms create the communication link to speak in my heart.  To feel touch, hear the wonder and be gentle inside and out.

I love soul life, anything that creates heart connection.  Colour, smell, gentle touch, beautiful words, sound and plant spirit.  My mission is to teach people to fully embrace themselves.  In my work I rely on body and plant intelligence to tell me what is required for healing.

Wholistic Coaching addresses needs on a number of levels via; Herbal Medicine, Facial Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and Wellbeing Coaching. There are coaching packages exploring challengers and strategies and those resonating deep in earth medicine. These can be achieved by one on one consultation or group coaching sessions.

Coaching packages include:

  • Health Coaching
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Life Balance & Self-care
  • Exploring Ourselves
  • Intuitive Wellness
  • Self-empowerment

It’s fun, heart-warming, creative, challenging and lots of fulfilment

Colour & Flower Essence Consultancy

Salty Kisses Gympie’s exclusive Health Spa destination

Discover Salty Kisses Gympie’s exclusive Health Spa destination!

Salty Kisses offers authentic luxury health spa treatments, and specialty packages. Enjoy a tranquil environment that embraces natural and botanical health solutions for all of the family.

Drift away as you relax in our Salt Room whilst relieving congestion, detoxifying your respiratory system, and boosting your immunity. Bring a friend and experience the serenity of our Specialty spa room as you relax with either a foot detox, an aromatherapy or magnesium foot spa. Enjoy coffee and cake at our SK Espresso Bar with friends before, after or during your treatment. If massage is more your style, we have many varieties available to suit your every need. Be it relaxation or a deep tissue massage – we can help you feel amazing!

Why not book in to our DIY workshops and create your own unique range of products to use at home using organic products and our beautiful range of doTERRA essential oils? We can show you how to use essential oils in your daily life to improve your health and wellness. We will share information on how to use them in cooking, non toxic cleaning, DIY ideas at home and for natural healthy every day solutions for your family.

We would love to see you. If you would like any further information about what we have to offer, please get in touch. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, sign up for our special events, and check out our website where you can also book your treatment online.

Salty Kisses
Danielle Spalding
Doterra Essential Oils, Salt Lamps, Salt Products
0439 710 794

My Health For Life (Stroke Foundation)

My Health For Life (Stroke Foundation)

My health for life is a free program designed to help people who are at high risk of chronic disease get their health back on track. It could be the ideal program for you. My health for life is about behaviour change.
Eligible participants take part in a six month program that helps them to move past the barriers that stand in the way of making healthy choices and positive lifestyle change. There are no clubs to join, weigh-ins, special food or gym-style programs involved. Our emphasis is on providing a respectful and supportive environment.
We believe healthy change is best achieved in manageable steps. We show you how to set realistic goals and develop an action plan for success and we support you on your journey to get your health back on track.
Tracey Sparks
Providing Free Health Checks – Stroke Foundation
0414 645 944

Jaaneman Art & Wellbeing

Jane Marin is a talented Australian artist/healer and life coach and dancer, who came from England with her parents and younger brother in 1970 at the age of seven. She lives with her husband Livio on a cane farm in the beautiful Wide Bay area of Queensland, Australia.

Jane is an accomplished artist employing many different media and earning early acclaim with her pencil sketches and photography.

She has always been fascinated by colour, light, pictures, and symbols since very early childhood—from birth, in fact. Painting, collage, and photography were among her favourite pastimes growing up. She particularly loved making collages, bringing together small scraps of “nothing” to create picture and won her first national art competition at the age of three with a piece entitled “Ice skaters” made entirely by collage.

Combining her art with her talents as an intuitive healer now has Jane producing powerful healing mandalas, the basis of which are her beautiful photographs.

Jane’s paintings featuring in particular the Divine Feminine are now available as prints and set into her beautiful jewellery pieces.  Many of her original pieces, acrylics on canvas or wood are also available to be purchased.

Jane’s artwork also graces the pages of  some wonderful books by  Blue Angel Publishing including  Alana Fairchild’s  Crystal Angels 444, Crystal Masters 333 and Crystal Goddesses 888.  Also Alana’s Crystal Mandala Oracle  and Jade-Sky’s “Eternal Crystals”.  You can find these in her online shop along with her own Mandala Oracle.

Within my art I work with the vibration of energy – light, form and colour. My visual art has become an expression of this energy that manifests in many different but related ways including acrylics on canvas, multimedia art journals and mandalas. As each piece of art comes through, it heals a part of me before I let it go to continue its healing work with others.

Whether mandala or painting, the colours, symbols and number vibrations are intuited – a feeling, a message, a voice. I don’t always understand until later.

Whether mandala, muse, goddess or another spiritual concept, each asks to be painted. Sometimes waiting patiently on the sideline until I am ready and sometimes so insistent that I may be creating more than one at a time. The colours, symbols and number vibrations are intuited – a feeling, a message, a voice that I don’t always understand until later. I bring their energies and principles into being through the choices of colour, light and form resulting in an image that vibrates with energy.

My mandalas, whilst sometimes created for a specific purpose, generally rlate to the spiritual dimensions and come to me or through me bringing messages and healing. But rather than using a paintbrush, they are created from my own original photgraphs which are cut and pasted manually on my computer screen, in sometimes up to forty layers to create magical healing peaces of colour, light and energy. Many of these mandalas have been brought together in “The Mandala Oracle”, a collaboration with the wonderful Vikstar and the Crystal series of books and cards by Alana Fairchild (Blue Angel Publishing). (All available at my online store)

I often work with the energies of the Divine feminine whether through visual art or dance. Divine Feminine is the female aspect in all of us whether we be male or female, in all traditions and cultures and has been since the beginning of time. She symbolises nurturing, love, healing, renewal, balance and restoration. Her principles are those of love, compassion, intuition, creativity and wisdom. The Divine Feminine energy is reawakening in many of us at this time to enable us to heal ourselves and to heal the world.

Jaaneman Art & Wellbeing
Jane Marin
Transformational Guide & Soul Artists
0421 674 124

Butterfly Crystal Dreams

Roslyn Di Ruggiero
Butterfly Crystal Dreams
51 Mary Street
Gympie 4570

Reiki Master & Galactic Energy Channeler of the Divine Source. Healing souls one soul at a time.
Creating ripples of change through the activation of the connection to source in every soul on this earth.
Reiki being the connection to source we all benefit from individually & by the individual connection we effect the change on a global scale..

School of Psychic and Spiritual Knowledge

The School of Psychic & Spiritual Knowledge (SPSK) was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2014.

The SPSK is founded on the knowledge that every person has inherent psychic abilities and aims to help you uncover and unlock your psychic gifts.  However, Psychic development and awareness should go hand in hand with Spiritual development and thus, SPSK also aims to help you increase your spiritual awareness and evolution.

Help and guidance is offered to you through our Psychic and Spiritual development courses, and also Psychic readings and Pranic Healing sessions, mentoring and coaching. Please have a look at our Services for more information on our readings and healing sessions.


Kalyi Amoto – Founder and Teacher

Kalyi is a Brisbane based psychic reader and teacher, pranic healer, artist and a qualified psychologist.

Psychic Readings

She has had a proven psychic gift since she was 7 years old and has studied meditation & psychic development for 20 years.  Whilst living in London, she studied Psychic Development, Mediumship & Palmistry at the College of Psychic Studies London for 3 years; worked for a corporate event agency and at the UK Mind Body Spirit Festival – London.

Kalyi has also provided psychic readings at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit festival.  She currently offers psychic readings for private clients locally in Brisbane, but also interstate and internationally via Skype.  Kalyi also can provide her psychic reading services for corporate and private events.

Psychic and Spiritual Teaching

Kalyi teaches various courses in Psychic Development and Spiritual knowledge.  Please have a look at the Courses page for more information on fees and schedules.

Kalyi also hosts  psychic meditation nights where people can get together to practise & talk about a wide range of Metaphysical, Spiritual & Psychic topics with like-minded individuals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  For further details, please have a look at the Meet Up page.

Pranic Healing, Mentoring & Coaching

As a qualified psychologist who incorporates alternative modalities such as Pranic Healing and meditation into her practice, clients receive the benefits of both Science & Spirit in her therapy.  To find out more about Pranic Healing and why a healing session may be beneficial for you, please look here.

She has successfully treated clients for depression, anxiety disorders & phobias as well as many physical conditions such as cancer, eye diseases & hay fever.  Read reviews and testimonials from Kalyi’s clients.


Kalyi is also an accomplished exhibiting artist having studied at the Queensland College of Art – BA Visual Art.  She has had both solo and group exhibitions in various cities across Australia and London.  Her work is mainly photomontage exploring spiritual & metaphysical topics such as dreams, reincarnation, & spirit guides. She has won various art prizes & her work is included in public & private collections. Her artworks can be purchased here.

School of Psychic and Spiritual Knowledge
Kalyi Amoto
Psychologically, Pranic, and Heart Meditations
0448 492 237

Eager for Life

Hi from Eager for Life!

I’m Melanie Eager, a nutrition and wellness coach specialising in genetics health coaching. I teach people how to take control of their health by learning how to keep their good genes switched on and their bad genes switched off. Your genes are not your destiny.

We are born with a set of genes but what we need to realise is that the genes we are born with do not have to be our health story for our life. Whatever age you are, your genes are your genes.

However 95% of your health is determined by what your environment does to your genes, NOT YOUR GENES. Dr Bruce Lipton

The platform I use (Ph360) helps you understand your genetic information.

Every single person on this planet is unique and therefore every single person needs a plan that suits their body. We all require different food, exercise, social, work and environment. I work with you to determine what is best for YOU.

So if you’re fed up of visiting practitioner after practitioner and still don’t know what to eat or how to heal, come and see me to take the free health type test so that you can start to understand what will work for you.

It is amazing what happens when we start to follow what our bodies are supposed to be doing. Having experienced my own personal health journey, and now living by my health type, my health has flourished and I am passionate to help others find joy again and be eager for life too.

I have a passion for prevention over prescription and I am here to teach people how to live a long life with optimal health.

Contact Us:

Widebay Burnett Community Exchange System

About Us: Our community exchange allows our traders to buy, sell, share, swap, barter and gift their skills and wares creating a mutually supportive network of people helping each other. You can help other people or they can help you in lots of different ways – such as doing odd jobs, gardening, home help, babysitting, office work, providing transport, companionship & support or by teaching another trader a new skill. You are able to buy goods from others in the exchange to help you meet your day-to-day needs and to access services that you may not be able to afford if you had to pay cash for it.

How it works: LETS & CES Users are a group of people who join a Local Economic Trading System using the community exchange website. As members, they agree to abide by the rules ( Terms & Conditions) of the exchange.

It is here that all members are listed as users of the CES system, and their offers & wants are accessed online through a password protected website. Once a person subscribes, the new User is able to start trading. Services, skills and goods are listed and are available to all Users.

Once selected, the user phones or emails the user offering the goods or service and makes arrangements for work to be done or goods provided. A price is negotiated and agreed upon. Once the trade is completed the user who has fulfilled the trade (the seller) debits the buyer’s account. The buyer receives an email stating the transaction has been made. The buyer has 10 days to question the transaction if a mistake has been made.

It is important to regularly update your Offers and Wants listings as after a period of time they will no longer appear; they ‘expire’.

All trades are recorded and accounts debited or credited through the website. Unlike a banking system there is no advantage in saving Favours as the system works best by keeping the Favours circulating. Accounts are reviewed regularly to ensure users are trading fairly. New users may be slightly in debit until they start having a ‘take up’ of their services or goods. Don’t let this prevent you from beginning trading.

Any queries can be answered by referring to the website, checking the How do I…? document and the User Guide on your Personal Home Page at HELP and asking an Admin or coordinator. We’re all here to help and get you trading.

Any queries can be answered by referring to the website, checking the How do I…? document and the User Guide on your Personal Home Page at HELP and asking an Admin or coordinator. We’re all here to help and get you trading.

The CES (Community Exchange System) can seem confusing to new users. However, once you have used it a couple of times and made a couple of trades, you will have a better understanding of how it works and how simple the online system is to use.

Visit our Website: https://widebayburnett.wordpress.com/

Widebay Burnett Community Exchange System
Kathryn Spencer
Community Exhchange System (CES or LETS)
0401 600 083



Brad White – Celtic Reiki

Brad has been involved in Reiki for around 10 years . He studied Celtic Reiki about 7 years ago which means he has been able to combined both earth and universe energies. This allows the client to experience a more powerful but gentler form of Reiki. Brad is of the believe that Healing is a journey that one, themselves must be willing to travel and he is only there as conduit for this energy.

Reconnective Healing – Jan Nolan

Jan Nolan ReconnectiveJan began her career as a Registered Nurse and has worked in the health industry for over 35 years, mainly childcare, aged care and disability care. This led to her interest in holistic health, embracing the connection between mind, body and spirit. She has practiced other healing modalities, including Reiki, but Reconnective Healing is her passion.

Reconnective Healing was discovered by Dr Eric Pearl in the early 90’s. Today, Dr.Eric Pearl and his global team of practitioner’s and mentors have trained over 100,000 individuals in over 90 countries and hundred of thousands of healing sessions have been facilitated globally.

Science has confirmed that Reconnective Healing is real. It is a new proven healing spectrum of vibrational frequencies consisting of ENERGY, LIGHT, and INFORMATION. It is believed to regenerate dormant strings and strands of our DNA, returning us to an optimal state of balance and healing on all levels; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. In some instances, these frequencies can have an instant effect on one aspect of your being while in other areas of your being it can take a few weeks or months to unfold. Each persons experience is unique and perfect for them.

Reconnective Healing is facilitated hands-off while you relax on a massage table, lying on your back, fully clothed. Each session lasts between 45 – 60 minutes.Generally, it is recommended to have between 1-3 sessions of Reconnective Healing. Distance healing and healing on pets is also available.

We discover that the less we know about why the person thinks they’ve come in to see us, the better off that person is,
Jan Nolan.

Jan Nolan
Reconnective Healing – Heal Others, Heal yourself
0409 836 887

Mindfulness Poet – Brendan O’Shea

Brendan O'SheaMindfulness Poet – Mindfulness through performance
The Mindfulness Poet is Brendan O’Shea. For years he’s been meditating (he was a Buddhist monk for 6 years), doing yoga (he’s also a yoga teacher) and scratching his head trying to figure life out. Then one day he realised a simple truth: life tastes better with mindfulness. Now he performs as a poet and story teller to help people experience mindfulness and enjoy life more.
Mindfulness Poet will be at the expo to perform, talk to people about mindfulness and share any insights from a decade or two of looking for calm and peace.
Mindfulness Poet is also looking for test-audiences for his new show, so if you want to see him for free come and say hello and find out if he can come visit you.
See videos of Mindfulness Poet at www.mindfulnesspoet.com.au/video-gallery/ (or go straight to YouTube: https://youtu.be/H4YhI91fYI4)
Listen to the professionally produced album for free at mindfulnesspoet.bandcamp.com

Feng Shui with Nicki

Feng Shui with NIckiFeng Shui is the art of understanding how energy moves in our surroundings, and how our environment, buildings and their interiors can affect our prosperity, abundance and wellbeing.

The art of Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries and still remains relevant in today’s modern world.

As with most ancient practices, varying break-away groups emerge and Feng Shui is no different.

Some of the Feng Shui schools that are practiced today are as a result of the protection of the sacred teachings handed down by Masters and Grand Masters, and the mistaken belief that western cultures would not understand and appreciate the intricacies of applying the principles of Feng Shui. These schools do not take into consideration compass directions or the influence of time on a building.

A consultation with Feng Shui with Nicki is based on traditional methodologies from Form, Compass and Flying Star schools. The latter acknowledges that nothing is ever static and there are invisible forces in the universe that are forever changing.

Additionally, each year consideration must also be given to the Annual Visiting energy and the affects that they will have for the year ahead. This can be up to 40% depending on where different sectors in your premises are located.

Every home has prosperous and challenging energy and Nicki from Feng Shui with Nicki is fully committed to helping you with analysing the energy within your surroundings and recommending solutions to help you maximise your prosperity, abundance and wellbeing in all areas of your life.

Consultations by Feng Shui with Nicki are offered via on site visitations or distance utilising computer-drive technology including Google Earth.

To find out more, please call Nicki on 0438 641 515 or email her on nicki@fengshuiwithnicki.com.

Lydia Joy

Confidential and Compassionate Readings. Divination can show potential outcomes Lydia Joybut you always have free will to shape your destiny. Unlock the key to connect with your wisdom.

About   Lydia Joy …

Lydia Joy is of Celtic descent., which has strongly influenced her style of reading. A  tarot reader for over30 years, teacher of Tarot & psychic development, counsellor & Life  Coach.

She holds professional membership of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Lyoness Australia

Lyoness Australia – Join Up, save and earn
Shopping community
Lyoness operates an international, cross-sectoral shopping community, from which members and merchants benefit through cashback discounts and customer loyalty,
The Lyoness shopping community currently has (as of July 2016) an estimated 7 million members around the globe, receiving discounts while shopping at 80,000 Lyoness(2017) partners with over 300,000 points of acceptance.  Through the discounts systems, Lyoness members receive direct discounts of 1-5% in the form of cash back on every purchase made at a Lyoness partner.  Depending on the country, the sum of the obtained discounts needs to be 5 or 10 dollars or higher in order for it to be transferred to the bank account of the Lyoness member.
Cashback and Shopping Points
Cashback and Shopping Points are Member Benefits that are generated when purchasing at a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. The benefits are depending on the merchant’s conditions. Shopping Points can be used for Shopping Point Deals, which could be described as vouchers. Lyoness will transfer the earned Cashback to the bank account registered by the Member.
Friendship bonus

Next to discounts over personal purchases, Lyoness members receive an 0.5% commission over the purchases made by the people they have introduced to Lyoness, as well as 0.5% over the purchases made by the people introduced by the people they have brought in. Lyoness refers to this system as the ‘Friendship Bonus’

Alan “Rainbow Warrior” Martin

Healing and transforming lives on physical, mental, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual levels. Empower others to heal

Alan is a proud GUNGARRI Rainbow Warrior who is a universal leader in providing alternative holistic health services to to those looking for a diverse approach to their well-being.

Alan specialises in Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Holistic Counselling, Cultural Mentorship, House Clearing and Hands on Healing.

Alan brings a balance of love, peace and harmony by working with the Spirit of his Ancestors and the Spirit of Mother Earth as his healing team t o empower and transform lives.

NDIX Registered Service Provider for Social Emotional and Cultural Well-Being.

Alan Martin
0497 528 718
Toowoomba & Surrounding Areas





Renee Priem – Independent Arbonne Consultant

My name is Renee Priem and I am a wife, and mother to two beautiful boys, Oscar (age 5), and Ollie (age 3).

I am also an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International.

Arbonne is a 37 year old Health and Wellness Company who specialise in Pure, Safe and Beneficial Health and Wellness products and Nutrition Programs.

Through Arbonne I help to educate others on their health by eliminating unnecessary toxins and preservatives from their personal care products, as well as help others to improve their health through our supported 30 Days to Healthy Living Program.  Our program and products are Gluten-free, Vegan-certified, Kosher, contain no animal products or by-products, nor do we test on animals.

Just over six years ago I lost my father to cancer, and watching him fight the battle and dwindle away both physically and mentally over two and half years, was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I was shocked to find evidence that links everyday preservatives such as parabens to cancer, and that these nasty chemicals were still allowed to be used every day in our most common personal care products.

That’s when I discovered Arbonne.

I now have switched all of my personal care products to Arbonne’s pure, safe and beneficial products, and know that I am making every effort possible to improve my families health, well-being and welfare.

Not only have I changed what I put on my body but what I put in my body, to really begin to heal myself from the inside out.  Through Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living Program I have been guided through and given all the information and hands-on tools I’ve needed to change my life through my health.  It’s inspired me so much, that I am now currently studying a Diploma of Nutrition, as I strongly see the benefits of good nutrition and direct correlations between poor gut health and disease.

I love nothing more than sharing my passion, knowledge and these amazing products with as many people as I can, in the hope that I can help to change someone else’s life.

Renee Priem
Executive Area Manager & Independent Consultant
Arbonne International
Pure & Safe Products, large focus on Nutrition and Educating People
Phn:0408 436 124



Wiccid – Holisitc Beauty, Wellbeing & Magic Studio

I’m Bella from Wiccid Holistic Therapies.

I assist my clients to awaken the magic within themselves utilizing a range of therapies and guidance such as massage, healing therapies, intuitive readings and gorgeous beauty therapies. I also run regular magical circles for girls, mums and Goddesses + I guide students on their spiritual path through an online 12 month apprenticeship in witchcraft and magic.

My daily life and everything I do in my business is sprinkled with magic. It is a joy and a privilege to share it with people who are ready to step on this path and awaken it within themselves.

I would love you to stop by my stall for a chat, I will have information on all my offerings, my studio and a small gift for the first 20 people to connect with me.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Bella x

If this intrigues you, please explore my website, and should you have any queries please call me on 0422 958 100 or fill out the inquiry form in Contact Us and I will respond to you post haste.

Belinda Payne
Holisitc Beauty, Wellbeing & Magic Studio
0422 958 100

Available at the Expo Sunday Only

Tenneille Williams – Ariix

Tenneille Williams loves helping women look and feel beautiful. Her passion has always been in health, beauty and makeup With 20 years experience in the Beauty Industry, she has used and worked with an extensive range of Skin Care & makeup Brands and has witnessed results from many. Tenneille is excited about the evolution and changing ethics of customer driven demands for safer products and is now devoted to only offering Safe, Ethical, Cruelty-Free Skin Care and Anti-Aging products that get results without using Toxic ingredients.

Tenneille along with her Sister Natalie, who is a Dentist,  is launching the Ariix Nutritional and personal care lines here in Australia to compliment her philosophy of Beauty from the Inside Out. This company offer Safe, Natural & Organic Skin & Hair Care products as well as Wholefood Supplements and Nutritionals, Essential oils and Water Bottles that filter out 99.9% of Bacteria, Microbes and Emerging Contaminants. This full range has changed Tenneille’s Health from chronic pain, headaches and fatigue to a vibrant woman on a mission to share her story and educate others on reducing toxic overload and living a healthy, fulfilling life.

Tenneille works from her home, running Tenneille’s Beauty Room in Eumundi, where she offers a variety of beauty services including facials, massage and make overs, allowing people to try these beautiful products and have women look and feel beautiful at affordable prices. In addition to this, she also facilitates educational workshops for women and teenagers on caring for skin, makeup application and how to live a less toxic life.

Tenneille’s Beauty, Ariix and Real Health Revolution
Tenneille Williams
Wholefood supplements, pure protein shake, a few essential oil blends
0416 253 791




Julia Miles

Art of Feminine Presence Introduction Workshop.


I teach a series of practices that will help you develop your personal presence and energy, so you can walk into any room and attract the attention you want.

If you fall into any of these categories, I urge you to make time to learn these simple techniques. It’s perfect for women who:
  1. Want to be respected and noticed in a bigger way
  2. Want to attract the rare breed of a conscious and sexy mate
  3. Are afraid of putting themselves “out there” even though they want to live larger
  4. Are wanting to increase their income through their business or career
  5. Want to stop people from draining their energy
The Potential Factor
Julia Miles
NLP & Art of the Feminine Presence
0478 754 100

Mother of Pearl

Mother Of Pearl – Helen Lauritzen

Sometimes our children have emotions that seem to be out of balance, which then have a tendency to lead to behavioural issues.  Helen Lauritzen has 2 children of her own and understands that as a parent this can be quite overwhelming when we can’t seem to find a way to console nor relax our child.

Having a Science Degree in Psychology and being a Reiki Master Practitioner, Helen has found an important link between children’s emotional and behavioural imbalances with the negative energy that is present in their different environments, in turn affecting how children function on a daily basis.  This has given rise to her business Mother of Pearl.

As Albert Einstein said “Everything is Energy”.  When children are continuously irritable, anxious or angry it means that their body’s energy centres called chakras are blocked with the absorption of these negative energies.  By clearing their Chakras using the beautiful and soothing technique of Reiki combined with Crystals, this allows your child to naturally continue with their own internal self healing and balancing.  Helen has achieved positive results where children are more relaxed and happier with improved behaviour.

Helen is also an Interior Designer and Colour Therapist for children.  As colour also greatly affects children in different ways, she is also able to tailor the right bedroom colour scheme and arrange your child’s bedroom furniture in a way that is soothing and peaceful.  This is extremely important for restful sleep and beneficial to their development.

It is a combination of these areas of expertise that makes Helen’s personalized services beneficial to your child.  So come and visit Helen at Stall 18 to experience her amazing healing services.



Peter Gray – Tune Into Reiki

Peter Gray Tune into Reiki

Pete started his Journey with Reiki in Sydney in December 1999 when he noticed a flyer for free Reiki healings and not knowing what it was decided to give it a try. After a 30 minute seated treatment, Pete felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders and found out that Faye Wenke was teaching a workshop that weekend and he felt like this was something that he had to learn.

After completing the workshop Pete practiced Reiki on himself daily and learned 2nd stage in New Zealand with a different Reiki Master. After travelling the world and living back in the UK and New Zealand Pete finally came back to live on The Sunshine Coast and felt a great pull to deepen his Reiki practice and knew that there was more to find out.

As the Universe conspired it turned out that the Reiki Master who Pete did first stage with was living not so far away in Noosa and she was about to hold a 2nd stage workshop. Pete has now completed 2nd stage again with Faye Wenke in the Reiki Jin Kei Do lineage and the shift in awareness was huge for him. Also unique to this lineage is the Buddho Enersense system of healing of which Pete has done stages 1 & 2. Now on the path to Mastery Pete feels a great urge to share this wonderful healing modality with everyone and has set up Tune In Reiki where he does treatments from various locations and offers home visits.

What I offer

I offer a range of treatments from 10 minute Chakra Boosts to 60-90 minute full treatments. I’m at various locations on the Sunshine Coast and also offer home visits.

Reiki can help to reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety, promotes deep sleep and accelerates the healing process. During a treatment I work on and off the body working with energy to bring about balance. Every individual has different needs at different times so each treatment is unique. In most cases people have a relaxing meditative experience with many having life changing experiences.

Reiki works on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and each treatment will work for your highest good.  

Anyone can learn Reiki and I help to coordinate Reiki Jin kei do workshops with Faye Wenke.

Pete Gray – Tune In Reiki
0415 344 192

Jennifer Cahill – Inspired Clarity

Spiritual Life Strategist
About Jennifer – Inspired Clarity

Jennifer Cahill is an intuitive Spiritual Life Strategist who combines Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Spiritual Metaphysics to help people transform their lives.

A certified NLP Practitioner, Jennifer uses Time Line Therapy™ to assist people in identifying and releasing negative beliefs and emotional blocks that have been preventing them from reaching positive states of peace, happiness and well-being in their lives.

Jennifer provides clarity, direction and effective coaching strategies that encourage people to gain new perspectives and identify key opportunities that support them in achieving their desired outcomes in life.

A gifted psychic medium, Jennifer has been reading for people for over thirty years. Jennifer’s abilities enable her to connect with spiritual entities that provide insight and deliver direct messages to individuals.

Through her business Inspired Clarity, Jennifer brings NLP and Spiritual Metaphysics together to offer a holistic set of services to clients.

Readings and psychic messages with Jennifer are direct, accurate and concise. They give people clarity, direction, hope and reassurance across all areas of their lives, covering past, present and future.

NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy™ sessions empower people to take action and create positive, sustainable change in their lives through clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs. By accessing and integrating Spiritual Metaphysics into these sessions, Jennifer is able to gain a deeper understanding of an individual’s needs, as well as provide people with specific, tailored strategies that accelerate effective outcomes for them.

With a background in facilitation and wanting to share her knowledge with others, Jennifer continues to create and offer workshops that provide people with opportunities to explore Spiritual Metaphysics. Workshops with Jennifer are relaxed, engaging, fun and informative. People gain hands on experience in how to apply what they have learned.

As a Spiritual Life Strategist, Jennifer is sought after for her open, honest, warm and good humoured approach as she follows her calling in life to serve and assist people in living fulfilling lives.

“Life is about consistently reaching for states of joy and happiness through every experience we have. 

My goal is help people reframe their lives and live their greatest potential.” 

Providing Services In

NLP Life Coaching / Clearing[Text Wrapping Break]Psychic Readings[Text Wrapping Break]Time Line Therapy[Text Wrapping Break]Workshops in Spiritual Metaphysics

Modalities Jennifer Uses

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Time Line Therapy
Psychic Medium
Tarot Reading
Turkish Coffee Readings
Pendulum Work
Automatic Writing


Certified Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.
Certified Practitioner of Timeline Therapy.
Published Author – Flip Charting Quick Guide and Handy Hints
Cert IV Training and Assessment -TAE40110.
Cert IV Small Business Management – BSB40415.
Member of the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP).
Member of the Queensland Writers Association (QWA).

Mobile:0410 756 798

Susy Gosbell

Hi, I’m Suzy. I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 45years and observed people in all states of illness and emotional distress as well as healing. Healing isn’t necessarily finding a cure to physical ailments, rather it is finding peace in whatever it is so that it no longer affects our state of happiness and enjoyment.
It is a passion of mine to empower people to find that place of peace and healing within themselves as I believe all answers lie within. I do this through intuitive guidance, energy healing both direct and distance, and teaching people to meditate.
It is my dream to have a healing centre one day where people can come to have fun while learning more about themselves as well as a place where healers may assist others release blocks and facilitate healing. A place where people can experience fun ways to meditate like dance meditation and sound meditation. A wise sage once said “It is our nature to be happy” – it is time we reclaimed that truth.
I look forward to spending time with you…
You can contact me on my mob. 0410602906 by txt or call
or via Messenger on Facebook at Suzy Gosbell

The Cleanse Shop – Rebecca Rowe

My focus lies heavily on the belief that most health issues begin from an acidic body and overloaded toxic liver. I am a cleanse consultant that educates people to understand their physical symptoms are messages that their mind and body are out of balance and that regular cleansing can begin to heal the body back to wellness. Nothing about my beliefs involves a quick fix. Healing is an ongoing journey and just continues at deeper and deeper levels.

Specifically I focus on the following 3 cleanse techniques:

  • Alkaline Cleanse (reduce acidity within the body)
  • Parasite Cleanse (rid the body of parasite infestations)
  • Liver Cleanse (reduce the toxic overload that the liver tries to deal with. This also includes an emotional cleanse as the liver holds onto many emotions such as anger, hate, resentment, fear).

Products that will be shown at the expo as part of cleanse regimes are:

Magnesium Bath Flakes (Magnesium Chloride) – Assists with magnesium deficiency and relaxes the nervous system

Organic Cleanse Clay (Food Grade Bentonite Clay) – you can drink it to help with removing toxins in the body – it has an electromagnetic charge that binds to pathogens and toxins that are mostly positively charged and then once bounds are able to be rid from the body.

Organic PH Body Balance (Food Grade Bicarbonate Soda) –drinking in a glass of water helps to alkalise the body when combined with a diet that focuses on high alkaline foods.

TriPlex Herbal Tincture (Specific for treating parasite infestations) –containswormwood, clove, black walnut hull – kills over 100 different types of parasites and all the stages of the parasite cycle.

LiverPlex Herbal Tincture (specific to liver cleansing) – contains the major liver cleansers of turmeric, milk thistle, dandelion – gentle herbal tincture to start the liver flush process. A full liver flush can be carried out after a few months of treating the liver gently.

Meditation Masks – Handmade masks filled with linseed that help you fall into a relaxed state for meditation. These really work well to help you get centred and calm the mind. Particularly good for people who struggle to meditate. It helps keep focus.

Make Your Own Body Salt Scrub Packs – (Contains Pink Salts, Lavender Oil and Coconut Oil) used to Cleanse the skin with natural minerals and oils. An indulgent body scrub made with all natural ingredients to help remove dead skin cells.

Maintaining a balanced state of health and wellbeing in a world with many distractions that keep us from connecting into ourselves can be challenging.

The body naturally wants to feel well and sends signals when overloaded from toxins, acidity, and emotional blockages. These signals are communicated as aches and pains, insomnia, disease, illness, depression, anxiety, skin disorders, food cravings and gut issues.

Cleansing the body regularly is essential in order to heal, prevent disease and regain balance at a truly deep and holistic level. The Cleanse Shop provides therapeutic grade salts, clays and herbs naturally sourced from the Earth, to use in easy to follow cleanse regimes that gently remove toxins, parasites and acidity within the body to restore health.

Our products and cleanse regimes can help with many blockages you may be experiencing:

● Digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, IBS
● Traveler’s diarrhea while abroad
● Food poisoning and digestion has not been the same since
● Nausea
● Trouble falling asleep, insomnia, waking during the night
● Skin irritations, rashes, hives, rosacea, eczema, acne, dermatitis
● Teeth grinding, bleeding gums, difficulty swallowing
● Aches and pains in muscles or joints
● Fatigue, exhaustion, lethargy
● Depression, irritability, anxiety, anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy
● Strong cravings for processed foods and sugary foods
● Restlessness, nervousness, tremors
● Anemia or iron deficiency
● Loss of appetite OR hungry all the time even after meals
● Food allergies / Food sensitivities
● Recurring yeast infections such as Candida
● Headaches
● Reproductive problems in women / sexual dysfunction in men
● Respiratory issues
● Itching – especially around mouth, nose, ears and bottom
● Memory problems, poor concentration, ADHD, confusion, learning difficulty
● Type II Diabetes
● Poor heart health, high blood pressure
● eating and drinking acid forming foods ● emotional stress
● toxic and chemical overload
● immune reactions depriving the body of oxygen and nutrients Everyone deserves to feel well.

Take the time to listen deep within your being, and trust that instinct will correctly guide you to address your body’s intelligent signals. Always remember….. No one knows your body like you do. Come and meet us if you would like to learn how to cleanse. Find out about our FREE gift with any purchase offered to all Expo Guests.

Contact Details:

The Cleanse Shop – Rebecca Rowe Cleanse Consultant
Website: www.thecleanseshop.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecleanseshop
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_cleanse_shop
Email: info@thecleanseshop.com.au
Available at the Expo Saturday Only

Radiesthesia – Find Earth’s radiations

It is a well-known fact that in some places people do not feel right, they are nervous, restless, their blood pressure fluctuates, they have headaches. In most cases medical examinations have not found the causes of these symptoms. If people leave these places, the problem ceases in a short time and the earlier good mood is retained.

The concept implied by the term Radiesthesia means a lot to me and I would like to explain what it really means and how powerful it is.

Definition of radiesthesia

Sensitiveness held to enable a person with the aid of divining rod or pendulum to detect things such as the presence of underground water, ores etc. Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields and to decode this information by using special instruments.

The term radiesthesia has been used since 1930, and it originated from a French priest Alex Bouly, derived from the Latin words radiation and perception. However, to many people it is still called dowsing.

  • Dr Hartmann German medical doctor, geo-biologist stated in the 70’s that in 30 years of practice, he has not come across a patient with cancer or otherwise seriously ill – with the exception of disease caused by bacteria or virus infections – who has not slept or stayed for long periods in geopathically stressed places.


My name is Hajni. I am not a witch nor a psychic. I am a mother of two beautiful children, I am a wife, I am a dowser or if you like a radiesthesist living on the Sunshine Coast.

I was trained back in Hungary – where I am from – to detect different radiations coming from the Earth. I would like to spread the importance of using radiesthesia to prevent us from getting sick, to avoid doctors, hospitals, chemical treatments.

We should recognise that dowsing our place of residence is a must. It used to be the practice in most of the cultures a couple of hundred years ago. We have lost interest in this knowledge in the modern times but and I am delighted to tell you that it is coming back because there is an increase in the number of Geopathic Stress related diseases.

In Switzerland, Germany, and in France the government encourages people to call a rediesthesist to measure their land before they build a house on it. The government pays the bill. Why? Because this is the cheapest way of prevention. No hospital bills, expensive treatments. People stay healthy and are able to work longer. It’s that simple.

Unfortunately man has lost its direct contact with nature. Because our sensory abilities have weakened, we have to use special equipment (rod, pendulum) to sense radiation.

Hajnalka Kiraly
0433 894900

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos – Quartz Holistic

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos is the author of “Living in Light, Love & Truth”, awarded a Living Now 2015 Evergreen Book Award for Spiritual Leadership.

She is a Reiki, Flower Essence & Crystal Healing Practitioner and passionate about guiding individuals to re-learn how to heal their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. She also is an inspirational speaker and teacher, facilitating seminars, workshops, and meditation sessions to support other souls on their spiritual journey.

Her first published book, Living in Light, Love & Truth: Change Your Life Positively, was awarded a Living Now 2015 Evergreen Book Bronze Medal for Spiritual Leadership.

Her third book is due for release late 2017.

She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos
Self Improvement Author and Teacher

Frezzor Australia

Hi, my name is Gabriele Mair coming from a background with lots of health issues from weight problems to heart disease and other health problems running rampant in my family, i started on a journey of healing through nutrition and making food my medicine. Researching lots of different companies I have finally found FREZZOR a company aligned with my values. All our products are made in New Zealand and 100% Natural and Organic. We offer Hemp based Super foods, Natural Pain relieve, Detox and Gut health capsules and Supergreen’s.

Empowerment Events – Money, Sex & Health

Do you feel stuck in the past? Are you not sure where to turn to get things back on track?
Is your life great but you feel like you’ve hit a plateau?
Do you suffer from Anxiety, PTSD or depression?
Are you constantly busy and feel pulled in multiple directions?


Stop wasting time going in circles. Get back to the core of what’s important to you, build a strong foundation & find the real problem – it may not be what you think!  Realise how great YOU can be. Take control and guide yourself in a way that feels good to YOU, doing the things you need to do to make that happen.


  • Overcome fears
  • Break through limitations
  • Get YOUR needs met
  • Achieve your dreams
Learn how to pass through resistance and overcome your minds objections, so you can follow through and achieve your goals – better relationships, great sex, more money, amazing health…. Find what’s holding you back and see it for what it is.


We know how it feels to want to be able to take action but have massive fear and resistance, we’ve found by doing this simple exercise and applying it massive change can occur in all areas. The bigger the resistance the bigger the breakthrough!

We’ve helped thousands of people, realise their full potential and break through where they thought they couldn’t.


Adam Mac - Lifestyle and Performance Coach

Dramatically improve key areas of your life and achieve permanent life changes with intuitive coaching from Adam. With a background in fitness, mindset, life & sports coaching, nutrition, as well as mindfulness and energy work (reiki and chi practice).

Coaching with Adam focuses on the six key areas:
• Career & Business
• Health & Fitness
• Emotions
• Finances
• Relationships
• Spirituality

At the Empowerment Events stand, you’ll get to meet Adam where he’s offering Free 10 min coaching sessions. Pick an area, that you want to improve and see what coaching can do for you!








Red Tent Facilitator, Firewalk Instructor & Business Coach

Lexi helps others find and grow their passions. Building brands and growing business.
Come by the stall to have a chat with Lexi, creator of the Mimo Wand to find out more about her intimate healing products and Empowering Retreats.

Dace Ose Abey

I aim to share the message of healthy living and promote high quality, effective certified organic products (body, hair, skin, home, cosmetics and super-foods) from an Australian company.
I am the go-to person for discerning consumers who want to make sure that they only spend money on beneficial ingredients and are not duped by shiny marketing labels and green-washing.

If you would like to receive a FREE Toxic test resource list of 50+ ingredients to avoid in so-called “natural” personal care products and be in the draw to win $100 product voucher bi-monthly, then please register here http://bit.ly/2wWgC4x.

At the expo I will be promoting an antioxidant-rich, liver and colon cleansing fasting supplement

FACEBOOK – Abey Organics – https://www.facebook.com/abeyorganics/
INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/abeyorganics/

Dace ( pronounced something like Datse) Ose-Abey
Organic and Natural Enterprise Group,Certified Organic skin, body, hair, oral, health, home care and cosmetics
Mobile: 0422338997
My website: daceabey.miessence.com

Join the mailing list to be in the draw to win $100 bi-monthly, get a free toxic test app, receive the latest updates, great recipes and promotions, keep in touch and learn more. http://www.miorganicmovement.com/daceabey/ ( cntrl + click)

 ONE Group Vision

“To be an outstanding enterprise of inspiration, conviction and integrity that is a force for change towards ethical and ecological business practices while making a positive difference in the lives of our Independent Representatives, customers, employees and their families throughout the world.”



Dace Ose-Abey
MiEssence Certified organic skin care
0422 338 997



Grant William Harrison

Grant William Harrison – A Gift of Transformation

I was asked by Heidi “To whom do you surrender?” I thought to myself “Heidi, it is not a matter of ‘to

I was asked by Heidi “To whom do you surrender?” I thought to myself “Heidi, it is not a matter of ‘to whom’, because I knew with Oneness there is no other. The next thought that came up was “It would be better if you had just asked, “To what do I surrender?” So, like myself back then, you are now asking yourself, “What is ‘the what’ that I must inevitably surrender.” This ‘what’ has many names, but it can be felt as that insatiable restlessness that has guided you to align with your passion for life. For me I call this unseen, loving companion – Consciousness (with a capital ‘C’) or The Source of All There is Is, our True Nature. It is there when you forget. It offers opportunities to live as a free spirit to unshackle any limiting beliefs you may have acquired through your lifetime. It prompts or causes bodily sensations, that you may judge as positive or negative from which you can raise the level of your conscious awareness of any situation or gain a greater understanding of the direction you are currently moving towards.

The essence of ‘Surrender – A gift of transformation’ is contained within the pauses and reflections you contemplate on the back cover of the book. The essence is revealed to you only by your knowing Self – an expression of Divine Wisdom.

Here are the words: “Love is the answer. Love is the cure. Love is the lesson. Love is the quest. In warmth, kindness and restitution enter upon your Quest into the Light of the Eternal Soul. No quest is as important as the Quest of the Heart. From here to eternity will you come across none, but Voices of the Spirit, the Light of the Rainbow, reflected in your actions and Baptism of Fire, enshrined in your inharmonious thought patterns settling once again to Nothingness and Everything. Light the world with your Light …”

In my talk I will share how the feminine mystique has wrestled my darkness clearing the path for me to follow.
• My life before and after my direct experience of god, including co-dependency and liberation
• The bliss, joy and fulfilment that comes from compassion and greater understanding of the loss of all my possessions or relationships.
• Looking into the eyes of the soul and merging with another.
• Power of prayer and letting go.
• The importance of the words we use and how a single thought can change one’s life.
• What “Higher Key” means to me.
• The awakening of my purpose in life – To be an agent of change enabling people to take back their own power. For instance, through my book Surrender – a gift of transformation assist individuals to go within, to trust themselves completely and to know his/her Self truly, as the Source of All That Is.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/1310017515759266/

Contact: Grant Harrison
Postal Address: 32 Maleny-Stanley-River Rd, Maleny Qld 4552
Phone: 0412 502 233

Jade Weatherhill – Rainbow Tree

Jade Weatherhill is joining us in the Kidz Zone

Jade Weatherill is the author, illustrator and self-publisher of ‘Rainbow Tree’ – children’s book. She will be offering story reading/meditation workshops for children and also have books for sale.
Rainbow Tree is a children’s book written with the intention to help kids connect to the earth, them selves and others’. To become more relaxed, centred and grounded so they can concentrate, have reduced stress and calmer nervous systems.
Within the story, they learn about the four seasons, four directions, colours of the rainbow. Along with basic life lessons like patience, purpose, strength, courage, compassion, kindness, guidance and intuition. Included at the end, is a guided
visualisation meditation to connect to the sky and earth.
You Tube Video link:

Artwork, story and publishing by Jade Weatherill
NSW, Australia


An exciting mix of herbs and spices, blended into a balanced consumable powder with an X factor.

TumerixSuffering a serious ankle injury and eventually developing arthritis, TurmeriX founder Errol McClelland began consuming turmeric after hearing from a friend that it might help him with his recovery. After experiencing the herb first hand and noticing significant health improvement, it became a goal for Errol to share his experience with others.

Through hours of trial and error, he was able to create a blended mixture of turmeric and other health improving herbs and spices, that also tastes great and is easy to consume. By being in powder form, the TurmeriX solution can be added to a huge range of recipes, or combined with any liquid to maximum absorption.

“Turmeric is an amazing herb that has a different reaction and health benefits for different individuals. Up to a tablespoon a day can make a huge impact on your day to day life, exactly like it did mine and I would hate for anyone to miss out on that opportunity.”

Turmeric is commonly known as an anti-inflammatory assistant due to its bio-active compounds. The curcumin within turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help reduce inflammation in the body.

With turmeric being the main component of our product range, the TurmeriX blend is a safe and easy to consume turmeric powder that is based off ancient remedies that have worked for years and years.

The X-factor ingredients!

TurmeriX contains Turmeric, and the X Factor Blend including Cinnamon, Coconut Powder, the essential Black Pepper, Green Tea, Liquorice, Kelp, Fennel, Vanilla, Aniseed, Caraway, Ginger, Clove, Cardamon and more…

Our Mission

Turmerix offers our customers the choice to use food, not drugs, to manage health challenges and inflammation in the body.  Our product like no other in the market.

Tumerix is having such a positive impact on our customers, who are sharing their joy and relief from disappearing pain.  Our customers are also referring family and friends to experience the same transformations, such as feeling  “less depressed and anxious”, “sleeping better”,  “Gord (reflux) disappeared – no more drugs” and getting back into activities that they thought were never possible.

Can you imagine not needing to rely on certain man-made drugs for the next 40 years of your life?  Well, now you’ve found a food that has been highly designed and layered to make it super easy for you to consume and get on with your day.

If you have a story you’d like to share, send us a message!  We want as many people to know as possible that they have a choice to use food instead of drugs.

Audio Clinic

Discover Better Hearing at AudioClinic

Audio ClinicIf you were to pause for a moment to consider how good you are at listening and communicating in different situations, how would you rate your abilities?

If you sometimes find it hard to keep up, and you often feel tired and overwhelmed, it is important to consider the cause. You may be in great shape physically but what condition is your hearing in?

Hearing is one of our most precious senses and with hearing loss we often lose contact with the people we love and the world in general.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Ask yourself the following questions to make a quick assessment about your hearing health:

  • Do people seem to be mumbling?
  • Do you have to strain to hear when someone talks or whispers?
  • Do you have difficulties hearing someone call you from behind or from another room
  • Do you need to watch a speaker’s lips more closely to follow conversation?
  • Do you find it hard to keep up in meetings, restaurants or in lectures?
  • Do you have to turn up the volume on the television or radio?
  • Do you find it hard to hear clearly on the telephone?
  • Do you have difficulties at the theatre, cinema or other entertainment venues?
  • Do you find it hard to hear in noisy environments like the street or in a car?
  • Do you limit your social activities because it’s difficult to hear and communicate?
  • Do family, friends or colleagues mention that they often have to repeat themselves?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, don’t be disheartened. It does not necessarily mean you have a hearing loss – you might just have a build up of earwax. Only a comprehensive hearing test from one of our professional Clinicians, Australia wide, can tell you for certain. Book your FREE Hearing Test* online today.

Visiting our Hearing Clinics

When you visit one of our hearing clinics you will be in caring hands. Our Clinician will listen to your concerns and conduct a comprehensive hearing test at no charge to you*.

It takes less than an hour to get an accurate evaluation and the process is completely painless. The hearing test takes place in a quiet room or sound-proof booth, where you will put on a headset, sit comfortably and listen.

The Audiologist will play a series of pure whistling tones – from bass through to treble – and you press a buzzer when you can hear them. From this hearing test the Audiologist will be able to tell you:

  • How much you can hear in each ear
  • How well you hear the loudness and pitch of different sounds
  • What impact this has on your ability to communicate

Frequently Asked Questions

Gathering information is a great way to start learning about hearing health. You can search this web site for general facts about the topic and share it with family and friends.
We’ve answered a few of the most frequently asked questions here. However, if you can’t find the information you want or have a specific question, then we would love to hear from you. Send your enquiry from the contact us page or telephone us on 1800 280 981 to talk to our friendly team.

Website: http://www.audioclinic.com.au

From the Earth Herbal Teas


Phytotherapy is modern herbalism. It is the clinical application of plant based extracts for medicinal purposes supported by scientific research.


A qualified Phytotherapist (a medical herbalist with a health science degree) can assist in the treatment of many health conditions and diseases. Including but not limited to, coping with stress, weight loss, fatigue, diabetes, immune issues, allergies, mood disorders and mental health.

With a foundation of a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, I specialise in evidence based natural medicine and am able to work independently or with your doctor.

As a mum of a son that has Aspergers and ADHD, I have a special interest in natural treatments for these conditions.

Ring me today on 0435 413 268 to make an appointment and find out how I can help you or your family.

From the Earth Teas

The Pain Pod

The PainPod™ is 3-in-1 advanced medical device capable of providing pain relief, aiding recovery, and improving physical performance. To alleviate acute and chronic pain, the PainPod™ works by passing gentle bio-friendly currents through the skin while facilitating a release of endorphins in the process to help improve mood. PainPod™ is used in physical therapy to aid recovery from surgery or injury by increasing circulation and reducing pain. And is also capable of improving performance for athletes by boosting oxygen intake so you can perform at your best.

Using the latest advancements in Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Electromyostimulation (EMS) and physical therapy technology, PainPod™ is commonly used: for recovery in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation and after surgery; in modern medicine for pain relief; and in fitness for performance and repair.

Elite Pain Relief
Ronald Walter
Pain Pods, Drug Free Pain Relief
0413 220 483

The Pain Pod

VIP Wildlife






WEBSITE:  www.vipwildlife.com
EMAIL:  lester@vipwildlife.com
MOBILE:  0402683148


Quantum Healing Centre – Chermside

Quantum Healing Centre is not just another health clinic, it is a strong functioning center with a collaboration of 14 holistic specialists who committed to be congruent and live our own life with integrity.  Our team is bound with the same intension, same mission, same vision and same goal.

With 3 centuries combined experience and future medicine, we dedicated to integrate the highest level of holistic healing modalities for your body, mind, heart and soul as whole. We create extraordinary healing experience to help you transcend your pain into power, suffering into freedom.

At Quantum Healing Center, we believe that peace of mind, inner happiness, soul connections are just as important as healthy food, vitamins and right nutrition. True healing is not possible unless the healing is done at the cellular and the spiritual level.

That is why we do not overlook the metaphysical cause of your dis-ease. While we look after your body, we at the same time employ consciousness technology to uplift your vibration to enhance your healing ability.

We intergrade Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Naturopathic, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Acupuncture, DNA/Stem Cell Healing, Access Consciousness Technology, Energy Healing and Spiritual Psychology to create quantum results for you.

In a nutshell, we give you powerful tools to eliminate pain and suffering in the shortest time possible.

It is our mission to serve, inspire, motivate, empower and partner with you, your families and community on the path to wellness, transformation and wholeness.

Conditions We Can Help You With:

  • Acute and chronic pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, knee pain, all forms of muscle or bone injury, pre and post surgery pain, sports injury, back pain, disc degeneration, spondylitis, neuralgia, all forms of nerve pain, post stroke rejuvenation, ankle strain and sprain, acute and chronic muscle cramping, tennis elbow, RSI, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis….
  • Acute and chronic Headache, migraines, tension headache, poor memory, lack of focus, learning difficulty, ADHD….
  • Allergy, acute and chronic asthma, upper respiratory disorder, sinusitis, rhinitis, eye infection…
  • Male and female infertility, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, endometriosis, period pain, heavy bleeding, uterine fibroids, habitual miscarriage, blocked tubes, low sperm counts, sexual dysfunction, menopause, osteoporosis, low libido, premature ejaculation, urogenital infection, mid cycle bleeding, dysfunctional bleeding…
  • Stress, thyroid diseases, anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger, fear, phobia, emotional trauma, grief, shame, fear of failure, low self-esteem…
  • Relationship conflict, marriage breakdown, divorce trauma…
  • Tinnitus, memory loss, thinning of hair, dry wrinkle skin, pre-mature aging…
  • Chronic fatigue, glandular fever, ross river fever, general fatigue, lack of drive…
  • Muscle pain, fibromyalgia, chronic muscle tension, frequent injury, muscle fatigue
  • Frequent infection, low immunity, common cold and flu…
  • Urogenital disorders, prostate disease, urinary track infection, bladder infection, kidney disease, thrush, chronic yeast infection, STD…
  • Skin disorders, eczema, acne, psoriasis, rash, dry scaly skin, skin infection…
  • Irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel disease, stomach upset, diarrhoea, reflux, stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, parasite infection, stomach flu….
  • Weight loss, cellulite, flabby skin, lack of tone, difficulty putting on weight,
  • Prevent of cancer, supportive treatment for cancer, post cancer surgery support…
  • Metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, heart disease…
  • Healthy Aging, Fit Genes, peak performance for competitive sports, pre-sports and post sport nutrition support
  • Comprehensive bowel and liver detoxification

Website: http://www.quantumhealingcentre.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quantumhealingaustralia/

Info with Heart

Info with Heart

We are both accredited Inner Voyage Holisitic Human Development Practitioners, and we want to provide you with trusted information and services that are self empowering.

Michaela Knoth and  Gabriele Drasdo are cousins and we formed a business partnership GM Enterprizes (Information With Heart).

We both have extensive corporate experience in several different fields including Retail, Corporate Training and the Travel Industry.

Michaela is a qualified nationally accredited counsellor and Gabriele is an Aroma Touch Technique Therapist.

We believe that everyone is entitled to lead happy, healthy lives.

Sometimes however, we do not recognize the path we need to follow to live the life we want.
Info With Heart is about providing holistic education and tools that when adapted into your life help bring awareness and change.

Travel Light, offered through Viridian International Management, is a members-only discount program that offers wholesale prices on zero-carbon travel bookings. Travel Light members can score up to 50% savings on travel bookings, including hotels, cruises, rental cars and more. Members can invite friends and family to join as Travel Light Karma customers for free and enjoy limited discounts on travel. All travel booked through Travel Light, whether by members or Karma customers, is zero-carbon. Emissions for all activities (flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, etc.) are calculated and counterbalanced by the purchase of carbon offsets to support a sustainable project happening somewhere in the world.

Viridian, an international network marketing company, offers Travel Light and other sustainable lifestyle products through its network of Independent Associates. To learn more about becoming a Viridian Associate or customer, visit www.viridian.com.

Sixth Sense Accupuncture

The Emperor’s Medicine

6th Sense AccupunctureThe Emperor, believed to live beyond 100 years old was in constant perfect health. This was achievable with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture is a neurological medicine and may help to reduce pain and excite a positive inflammatory response. This helps your body to heal itself from conditions such as:

  • Migraines/Headaches
  • Chronic Lower Back Pain
  • Chronic Shoulder or Hip pain
  • Tight neck and Shoulders
  • Pain from daily activities
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a Cardiovascular Medicine and
helps to reduce internal swollen or partially blocked blood vessels
and membranes. Chinese Herbal medicine may help with:

  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Stroke
  • Addictions
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Diarrhoea / Constipation
  • Hay Fever
  • Skin Disorders
  • Colds and Flu
  • Weight loss

One to Five-month plans available, have your pulse read and understand your own health better.

Contact Sixth Sense Acupuncture today on 0422549542 and enjoy the Emperor’s Medicine and feel like an Emperor.

Website: http://www.sixthsenseacupuncture.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SixthSenseAcupuncture

Lou Van Stone

Lou Van StoneWith a sound that’s constantly evolving, Lou Van Stone combines soaring, ethereal vocals and lush harmonies with ambient instrumentation and hypnotic loops. The haunting, bell-like quality of her voice has had her winning over audiences world-wide. Described as a ‘Celestial Musician’, Lou taps into a divine source, bringing forth captivating songs to inspire and uplift. Her unique sound merges with many influences to produce a potent fusion, a hypnotic and deeply moving musical experience, where the audience emerges transformed.

Lou’s previous incarnation as a classically trained soprano and jazz singer also comes to the fore, as she creates spontaneous, improvised compositions live and in the moment. Channeling the music of the spheres and singing the language of light.

The versatility of Lou’s unique sound, means that she can straddle several genres.From blissful, meditative soundscapes, to chilled-out, organic grooves, straight through to euphoric Trance and Happy House anthems.

Lou is very excited about be a part of the Heal Yourself Expo community. She will be playing live, channeled music throughout the day, sending out powerful healing frequencies to the festival visitors and exhibitors. It is her intention to anchor the energy of the event through sound and bring peace and healing vibrations to all who listen. Lou will also be selling her range of CDs which will allow you to take some of her music home and continue to experience the energy. She will also be selling her original Vibrational Sound Art pieces. Lou will also be able to take bookings for one-on-one Sound Healing Sessions, which include a CD of music channeled for you during the session.

More about Lou:

Lou has teamed up with Dance Producer, Simon Hollway. The pair have signed to major German dance label, Plasmapool .Their first single release, “You Make The Sun Rise” has gained acclaim from influential, international DJs and mixers and has already made the A List on This Is Electric London’s Dance Music Station. Their next single “Carry On” reached number three in the Australian EDM charts. This year, the latest singles ‘I Know You’re Out There’ and  ‘Follow Me’, have been released through Swiss label ‘5howtime’and UK label ‘Kinky Traxx’ both gaining international airplay.

Lou is also passionate about fusing the devotional nature of sacred music with the ecstasy of and conscious dance electronica.  So she has created a unique blend of inspirational songs and chants, infectious loops and laptop grooves.

She has played in the UK, France and Italy and is a regular at festivals Australia-wide, including Mind Body Spirit Festivals, Woodford Folk Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, Uplift, Byron Spirit Festival, Earthcore, Jungle Love, Conscious Living New Earth Festival, Health Harmony Soul Festival, Conscious Life Festival, Festival Of Dreams, Starlight Festival, White Light Festival and Canberra Spirit Fest and CPC Festivals.

A recent UK tour saw her gracing stages at the Three Wishes Faery Festival, Cornwall, The Secret World Healing Weekend Festival, Somerset, The Seed Festival, Stroudand Shekin Ashram, Glastonbury and in Chalais, France. Lou has another European tour planned for 2018.  She has just returned from performing a the Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud.

Lou’s powerful ‘Celestial Sound Healing Voyages’ are rapidly gaining momentum with potent channeled voice and spontaneous music transfixing and transforming participants.  Following Lou’s ‘Sound Blessing’many people are reporting incredible results, from the healing of pain, to a deep sense of peace and connection.   These sessions are run Australia wide and overseas.

Website: www.louvanstone.com
E-mail: lou@louvanstone.com
Ph: 0402 388 380 / 02 6688 6213
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouVanStoneMusic

Lou Van Stone

Diana Irons – Kinesiology

Diana IronsDiana is a certified Kinesiologist and a registered specialist professional member of the Australian Institute for Kinesiologists. Diana’s passion is to help uncover and release what has been holding you back from a life of your dreams and desires. Unlocking your personal power and assisting you in transforming and creating a life that you want.

Whether you are seeking optimum health and wellbeing, increased confidence, focus, performance, or closer relationships. Diana can delve into the neurological pathways mostly established during childhood, to discover the negative beliefs, emotions and mind set patterns effecting your success. These such patterns have given rise to fears, grief, guilt and shame, resulting in health issues, procrastination and addictions, learning difficulties, lack of trust in yourself and others, and much more that negatively impact prosperity throughout your life.

Diana will help you learn to step into your authenticity and forge deep and meaningful relationships with everyone around you, and find resilience by not being afraid to be in your truth.

The benefits of kinesiology can help you transform all areas of your life, bringing balance back within the mind, body and spirit. This enables the body’s natural energy to flow freely, encouraging homeostasis and restoring the body’s natural ability to heal.

Are you ready to start creating your extraordinary life? Come and speak to Diana in Stall 23 and move toward a happier, healthier, abundant future.

Hello and welcome,

My name is Diana Irons and I am a local Kinesiologist in the North Brisbane area.  My love for kinesiology started in 2011 where I discovered my passion to help others uncover what has been holding them back from the life of their dreams and desires.  I can help unlock your personal power and assist you in transforming and creating the life that you want.

Whether you are seeking optimum health and wellbeing, increased confidence, focus, performance, or closer relationships.  I can delve into the neurological pathways mostly established during childhood, to discover the negative beliefs, and mind set patterns effecting your success.  These such patterns have given rise to your fears, grief, guilt and shame such as, reasons for procrastination, addictions, learning difficulties and lack of trust in yourself and/or others, resulting in negatively impacting prosperity throughout your life.

I will help you learn to step into your authenticity and forge deep and meaningful relationships with everyone around you, and find resilience by not being afraid to be in your truth.

The benefits of kinesiology can help you transform your life in all areas, especially gifting yourself time, relaxation and contemplation which are all forms of self-love.  You will learn and understand how to love both the dark and light sides of the self, as well as expressing yourself in all three areas, being your inner child, your masculine and your feminine, and when all three are balanced synergy flows throughout your whole being.  You are love.

Are you ready to start creating your extraordinary life?  Please contact me for an appointment and move toward your happy, healthy, abundant future.

My qualifications include:

       Certificate IV in Kinesiology

·      Touch for Health 1 – 4

·      Kinergetics 1 – 6

·      Basic Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology

·      Aromatouch Massage

·      Basic Biokinetics

·      Structural Biokinetics

·      Psycho Biokinetics

·      Kinesiology for Kids

·         Healthy Pets

·         Body and Soul 1

·         Eat Right, Live Right

·         Perceptive Vision

·         Heart Healing

·         Balancing Nutrition and Toxicity

·         Ho’oponopono Basic

·         Landmark Curriculum for Living Graduate

·         Angel Intuitive


Member of Australian Institute of Kinesiology Ltd. – Member no. 961

Thank you for letting me introduce myself to you. I’d love to meet you and hear your story.  However, you may not be sure what that is, it’s ok because your body will tell me what you need.

Please enjoy the testimonials below, regarding my practice and some of the issues I have assisted others in overcoming, ie. Emotional trauma, childhood trauma, sciatica, muscle cramps & spasms, and bereavement.


I visit Diana Irons for Kinesiology to refocus, recharge and reconnect with my joyfulness. She is deeply connected, warm and compassionate. Her skills are extraordinary. She has helped me unblock entanglements that have held me back. I’m talking about things I had no idea had impacted me so deeply that they influenced how I felt about myself and what I thought I could achieve. Di has changed the course of my future. She is my go to person when I’m feeling flat, unfocused or in need of balance and clarity. With her help, I am a better mother, wife, friend, and business owner.

Yvette Wright – Ipswich, QLD

I have been seeing Diana weekly and receiving kinesiology balances for over a couple of months now and the changes within me is amazing.  I had been very stressed and an emotional wreck, where my doctor asked if I needed medication.  I wanted to help my body so I decided to try a natural alternative first – kinesiology.  I found I was living in flight/fight mode and each time I went and saw Diana I had no idea what she would be working on as my mind would be thinking one thing and my body would be suffering another, which she could detect through my energies and muscle testing.  We would need to age recess quite often as I had a lot of blockages from my past, even things I was unaware of or forgot about until I was in the balance.

Thank you Diana for helping me in this trying time, I am in a calmer and clear place because of you and loving my happy life.  I highly recommend Diana for all areas not just emotions as she has unlocked other things while I was having a balance including back pain, constipation and headaches.  I will continue to go to her indefinitely and I was one of these people who thought “what is this kinesiology and how is that meant to help me!”.  Thank you Diana for changing my life for the better.

Kindest regards, Brooke – Burpengary QLD.

I have seen Diana a few times for kinesiology balances for my night cramps in my legs.  It was amazing only after two visits my cramps had disappeared completely, and it has been months now.  I have been suffering from night cramps for many years and it is such a relief.  Thank you Diana.

Gloria  – Glasshouse Mountains QLD.

Out of curiosity, I saw Diana for kinesiology treatment for sciatica and back pain. I was amazed by the experience! Diana enabled me to experience the release of emotions connected with my back pain in a way that allowed me to move on from the pain and start the emotional healing.  She is a genuinely gifted and supportive practitioner who takes you on the mind, body and soul journey of kinesiology.

Kristina – Carseldine QLD.

When Diana asked me to write something for her at first I didn’t know where to begin. Diana came into my life when my daughter Sophia was in need of some healing and love from someone who could touch her soul and activate parts of her that I would find impossible to do.

Diana came to us as this gentle, loving, beautiful soul and through her beautiful heart she gave Sophia some peace and healing and love. My daughter was very sick but she loved it when Diana would work on her, she loved Diana and she had never met her before.

When my daughter passed Diana was able to come into my home and spend some time with my family whilst Sophia was still in our home, Diana brought us all together even though we were all grieving, she shared with us messages from Heaven from my baby girl, she talked us through this hard time and made us feel comfortable about what had just happened to all of us.

I can honestly say because of Diana during this hard time I have such special memories of one of the worst days of my life, she made a beautiful part of a bad day and I am forever grateful.

Sandra – Thornlands QLD.

Diana Irons has treated me many times in the past. I usually come to see her when I am feeling stagnant and emotionally flat, lacking energy and motivation. Her approach is very gentle, caring and inclusive. By testing my muscles and asking some very pertinent questions, she quickly gets to the source of the problem. It can be a painful event from the past or something I am dealing with in the present. Diana uncovers the blockage and releases it, giving me an immediate sense of relief and freedom. When I leave her healing room, I feel lighter, free and happy. It is like night and day compared to when I came into the healing room. She has truly changed my life in ways I could not imagine. My relationships with family and friends have improved dramatically, and my career has transformed into a rewarding and productive adventure.
I would highly recommend Diana to anyone, in any stage of life, dealing with any issue which holds you back from true fulfilment.

She has been a real life saver and I plan on using her services for a long time to come.

William – Bridgeman Downs

Life Transformation – Massive Change in just 4 hours!

Evening Fire Ceremony by Empowerment Events

For a truly unforgettable experience come to the Saturday night Heal Yourself Finale 4-8pm, workshop and fire ceremony hosted by Adam and Lexi where they literally transform lives, in just 4 hours.

Come for an unforgettable experience, to create an unforgettable life!

  • Address Lifelong Regrets
  • Overcome Limiting beliefs
  • Transform Fear into Drive, Connection & Love


Expo Special!!

Use the code below for 50% OFF admission price for the evening workshop!

Discount Code: HealYourself



Are you looking to overcome fear, anxiety, stress?firewalk ceremony

Empowerment Events will share with you the steps to creating lasting change with their special Heal Yourself Formula to move you forward and leave your limitations behind you; burnt away by the fire as you walk forward to a new you!

Overcoming life long regrets, releasing all that holds you back, take the first steps towards greatness with the Powerful Break-through-Momentum Exercise.

Join us for a special evening, find YOUR inner fire and move forward with power and purpose… because: “If you can walk on fire, you can do anything.”

Event registration starts at 3.30pm.

No admittance after 4pm, please arrive on time as you will not be permitted to walk if you miss the safety briefing.

What to Bring

Aside from a great attitude and your lovely self, you will want to bring the following:
• Comfortable clothing (preferably cotton or other natural fibres)
• A jumper as it may get chilly
• An extra pair of clean socks
• Trousers (should be able to be rolled up to the knee) – No long skirts or dresses
• Water bottle
Any clothing worn may get dirty!

Strictly NO Alcohol or Drugs.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Anyone can walk on fire, provided they can walk unassisted at a standard walking pace. You don’t need any special experience, just a decent dose of courage!

Over 18s only without prior permission. Photo ID may be requested.
Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Expo Special!!

Use the code below for 50% OFF workshop admission price!

Discount Code: HealYourself

Please allow up to 10 seconds for the booking form to load.

Email: info@firewalkevents.com.au
Phone: 0431 576 216

Anyone whose behaviour is not congruent with Firewalk Events policy, will be removed from the event with no refund.