Linda Williams

Linda WilliamsLinda is a third generation psychic medium on her mother’s side of the family.

Linda is well known and respected in the industry with over 30 years experience.

Linda works with her trusted spirit team and tarot deck to help and  guide her clients with love and understanding.

Lydia Joy

Confidential and Compassionate Readings. Divination can show potential outcomes Lydia Joybut you always have free will to shape your destiny. Unlock the key to connect with your wisdom.

About   Lydia Joy …

Lydia Joy is of Celtic descent., which has strongly influenced her style of reading. A  tarot reader for over30 years, teacher of Tarot & psychic development, counsellor & Life  Coach.

She holds professional membership of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Elizabeth Sek

Elizabeth SekI have always felt connected to the world of spirit and the ancient ways.

This connection lead me to the world of Vikings; a world where spirituality was a way of living – it was everything, not just part of life.  As a Viking re-enactor I discovered the Runes and began to develop my spiritual self as a ‘Seer’ (Seiðkona) or, what we call today, a psychic.

While the Runes are my primary tool, I also use the Tarot to receive messages from spirit, gaining clarity and guidance for my clients.

During my years I have worked in many roles including Secretary, Reflexologist, waitress and, since 2012, leatherworker/artist in my own business – The Happy Viking.  However the urge to work in an area more in alignment with my spiritual beliefs was always strong.

Early in 2016 I began attending a weekly Spiritual Development group.  This gave me the courage to put myself ‘out there’ and I began to include Rune readings as part of my service.  I feel very blessed to be able to offer this service to those who are seeking clarity in their lives.  I continue to attend the weekly group sessions to broaden my knowledge and gain a deeper connection with spirit.

In addition to personal readings, I also attend various psychic festivals.  Most recently I took part in Conscious Life Event’s Gold Coast Expo and am excited to be registered for the following events:

Heal Yourself Expo (Gympie) – 14 & 15 October

I’ll also be offering readings at the Viking Village in Lismore on 19 & 20 August and Viking Culture Day on 10 September.

I feel very blessed to be living in beautiful Maleny, Sunshine Coast Hinterland – my home for the past 19 years.

Elizabeth Sek - Psychic Reader - Runes and Tarot Logo

The way forward is clearly seeing the present

Luisa Mitchell

My work is all about ascension, the ascension between the physical dense energetic realm to the realm of pure love and oneness within and so it is without.

Without going into my full story which you can see on my website, I’d like to go more into my actual work.

There has been two major purposes that are part of my path:

Healing Mother Earths Energy Grid which includes Ley Lines, Portals and including where they are and what needs healing here.
Healing Humanity by going through a Soul Journey Process which brings them to a state of healing and oneness. I currently do 6 weeks for beginners and then 12 weeks for those wanting to expand into their true selves and learn how to use their abilities that are part of their soul purpose. During the first 6 weeks we do an in depth inner work and mainly preparation prior to bring their story to light, higher self connection, cutting of cords with AA Michael, Past Life Regression, Meeting Mother Earth and guides and embracing their inner child. The 12 weeks is more flexible and all guidance is given by spirit on their journey to enhance and know their abilities, such as healing, reading, telepathy, clairs and entering the higher dimensions.

Although there is more to it and the journey’s are a one on one, I am currently working with the Yoga community to bring through an how to understand energy and how it is all connected.

Merlin has merged with me so that we work together on our healings. Much of my healings has to do with mother earth, individuals and large groups.

Rainbow Serpent also works with me with portals and group activations of Kundalini rising and a feeling of fire such as the heating up of all chakra’s to bring into alignment.

My work is varied and different in a sense that they show me large groups of healings happening for the soul purpose to awaken and ascend mankind.

Hope this helps you understand who I am and where I am at spiritually.

Love and Light

Shandelle Smeardon

ShandelleHello my name is Shandelle,

I do energy Balancing which is a Holistic approach to working with your energy, which assists your body to shift blocks that maybe occurring in order for your body to self heal and to regain balance within your body and your energy flows more harmoniously.

I look forward to meeting you at the Expo

Janelle Sells

Janelle SellsIntuitive Psychic Tarot, Reiki Master and Life Coach

Janelle uses her skills as an intuitive reader to channel and bring forth personal messages from the client’s spirit guides as well as loved ones who may be passed over.

By combining her Tarot and Reiki skills Janelle is able to provide guidance and healing specific to the client’s own life path.
Issues of health can be a concern. Janelle can connect with Spirit and request a Health Scan for the client and their loved ones.

Susanne Collhas

Susan CollhasAre you looking for direction in your life at the moment? Along life’s pathway, many choices must be made. Some are easy, some require a little thought, but others need guidance and clarity to access the self -knowledge that everyone has intuitively. We all have the potential to be whatever we want to be and often all we need is the right tools to help us find the way.

Susanne has worked with Colour for many years and has extensive
experience in many aspects of Colour work. Today she will share her
knowledge of Colour Therapy.
Colour Healing is not a new idea; it has been used for centuries. Used
positively, colours have profound healing qualities. Colour Therapy is
holistic and non-invasive, so awareness of the energy of colour should be part of our ou realise that every human being is like a living rainbow.
This wonderful planet contains all the beautiful colours of the rainbow.
Nothing on this earth is here just by chance; everything in nature is here for a purpose. Colour is no exception. All we need to do is to heighten our
awareness of the energy of Colour and how it can transform our lives.

Sharon Costello

Sharon-OntatzisSpirit World Connection Through Mediumship and Channelling

Sharon is a clairvoyant medium helping people to bring greater meaning and purpose into their spiritual lives.

Sharon communicates with loved ones in the spirit world through mediumship and has a natural and unique relationship with spirit.

She is a channel for spirit contact and confirmation of life after death. Sharon’s readings are very accurate and she is highly professional with many years experience and works with a great deal of empathy and love.

She does private, group and photo readings as well as psychometry.

Kerry Laizans

Kerry-LaizansKerry is a channel for Spirit who uses Tarot cards as a focus for her readings. She draws upon her shamanic training as well as her experience as a counsellor to provide intuitive counselling that goes straight to the heart of what you need to hear.

Kerry says, “As I get clearer there is less in the way of allowing Spirit to speak through me in whatever way you need to receive your guidance. My intention is always to provide a safe space so that you may go to wherever is the next part of the journey for you.”

Faith Stevens


Faith Stevens

Faith Stevens




My purpose is to assist others through professional readings bringing a greater sense of purpose and meaning into their lives through spirit, channeling messages from the afterlife with confirmation from loved ones.

  • Mediumship
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairaudience
  • Psychometry
  • Angel Cards

Readings are done with loving intent through spirit and myself

Before starting reading it is important to tune into spirit by lifting your own vibrations.  Always ask that the information for the client be for the higher good and healing.  It is important to open your chakra to loving intent before beginning readings.  I feel the readings are structured by spirit to suit the needs of the client.

I place my trust in spirit and the client and by asking the client if there is anything specific they would like answered or if they hope any departed loved ones will come through during the reading; I believe that by spirit hearing the voice of the client assists in opening the channels and allows the communication to flow more freely.

I Feeling very fortunate to have the “Three C’s”

Clairaudience:   Hearing (hearing the voice of spirit – like mental telepathy, in my head)

Clairsentience:  Feelings (the more I travel along my path with spirit the more I become in tune with other, being able to sense how they are feeling – emotions, happy, sad etc)

Clairvoyance:     Seeing (clear sight of present, past and future.  Seeing spirit.  Able to see clients loved ones who have passed over and to be able to describe their appearance, characteristics, health issues and how they have passed)

Some clients feel more comfortable with a tactile medium for which I utilize Angel cards to pass on messages.  This allows for a more hands on approach from the client with them being able to select a particular card or cards from which the message is delivered.  (I use Angel cards to channel messages from Spirit.

Most importantly I feel that the messages received from spirit are to allow people to learn, grow and heal.



PHONE  0428988789.