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Guidance from Spirit

We have a team of caring and dedicated guides willing to be of service to you on your spiritual healing journey.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Spiritual Healing

The Heal Yourself Expo wouldn’t be complete without someone that can offer Guidance from Spirit.

The intent for this Expo is about giving people the tools to self heal, it is our belief that those attending the Expo will be also interested in Spiritual Healing, for whatever ails them or loved ones and the advice from spirit will be align with our set intent.

We have a group of dedicated and caring guides who are there to assist you in your spiritual healing journey.

Monica Ward

Monica was born psychic. She often ‘remembered’ stuff before she was born, while still in her mother’s womb, things that her Mother later confirmed were true. Monica says she has had some Spirit Guides since she was born. She basically grew up with...

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Rachel Bateup

Hello my names Rachel I’m a full time mother of three beautiful children , my gifts are second generation from my mother , my abilities are I’m a psychic empath, medium, I can channel, pendulum, angel oracle, angel answer, tarot, past and future, photo reader,...

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Elizabeth Zek

I have always felt connected to the world of spirit and the ancient ways. This connection lead me to the world of Vikings; a world where spirituality was a way of living – it was everything, not just part of life.  As a Viking re-enactor I discovered the Runes...

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