Guidance from Spirit

We have a team of caring and dedicated guides willing to be of service to you on your spiritual healing journey.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Spiritual Healing

The Heal Yourself Expo wouldn’t be complete without someone that can offer Guidance from Spirit.

The intent for this Expo is about giving people the tools to self heal, it is our belief that those attending the Expo will be also interested in Spiritual Healing, for whatever ails them or loved ones and the advice from spirit will be align with our set intent.

We have a group of dedicated and caring guides who are there to assist you in your spiritual healing journey.

Shandelle Smeardon

Hello my name is Shandelle, I do energy Balancing which is a Holistic approach to working with your energy, which assists your body to shift blocks that maybe occurring in order for your body to self heal and to regain balance within your body and your energy flows...

Janelle Sells

Intuitive Psychic Tarot, Reiki Master and Life Coach Janelle uses her skills as an intuitive reader to channel and bring forth personal messages from the client’s spirit guides as well as loved ones who may be passed over. By combining her Tarot and Reiki skills...

Susan Collhas

Are you looking for direction in your life at the moment? Along life’s pathway, many choices must be made. Some are easy, some require a little thought, but others need guidance and clarity to access the self -knowledge that everyone has intuitively. We all have...

Emma Skeggs

Soul Healing is about becoming the best version of YOU possible. YOU are in control of YOUR Life, including your mental, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health. I can see you at Soul level. You are perfect in my eyes. My work is to help you see...