Healing Festival Exhibitors, Stall holders, presenters and more

The Heal Yourself Expo is a healing festival held across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, a number of talented healers and exhibitors will be available to you over the weekend. With a focus on teaching you the tools, so you can be empowered to heal yourself.

Here are some of the amazing and talented people you will meet at the Expo

Info with Heart

Info with Heart We are both accredited Inner Voyage Holisitic Human Development Practitioners, and we want to provide you with trusted information and services that are self empowering. Michaela Knoth and  Gabriele Drasdo are cousins and we formed a business...

Gordana Visca

Gordana Visca: Author of Inspirational Books Through the beauty that surrounds me each day of my life, and through the Love and Support, Nurturing and Guidance from those precious ones that surround me, I open the hearts of all to the true Unconditional Love that we...