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Spirit Guides Inquiry

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

The Heal Yourself Expo wouldn’t be complete without someone that can offer Guidance from Spirit.

The intent for this Expo is about giving people the tools to self heal, it is our belief that those attending the Expo will be interested in Healing whatever ails them or loved ones and the advice from spirit will be align with our set intent. If your goals align with the Expos stated Goals and Purpose then please feel free to apply.

Bookings will be done from a centralised point and it is our intention to get as many pre-bookings as possible, clients will be able to freely choose between readers, unfortunately this does mean that some readers will be very busy and some quiet, it will be up to you as a reader to give us a good description (doesn’t mean 100’s of words as people don’t read them) of yourself, bright photo, interesting look, and with a focus of healing.

There are generally 5 regular Spirit Guidance spots at our Expo’s. If you wish to apply for one of these spots then please download the application and fill in the form below:


Click to Download the Spirit Guides agreement. 

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