Lyoness Australia – Join Up, save and earn
Shopping community
Lyoness operates an international, cross-sectoral shopping community, from which members and merchants benefit through cashback discounts and customer loyalty,
The Lyoness shopping community currently has (as of July 2016) an estimated 7 million members around the globe, receiving discounts while shopping at 80,000 Lyoness(2017) partners with over 300,000 points of acceptance.  Through the discounts systems, Lyoness members receive direct discounts of 1-5% in the form of cash back on every purchase made at a Lyoness partner.  Depending on the country, the sum of the obtained discounts needs to be 5 or 10 dollars or higher in order for it to be transferred to the bank account of the Lyoness member.
Cashback and Shopping Points
Cashback and Shopping Points are Member Benefits that are generated when purchasing at a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. The benefits are depending on the merchant’s conditions. Shopping Points can be used for Shopping Point Deals, which could be described as vouchers. Lyoness will transfer the earned Cashback to the bank account registered by the Member.
Friendship bonus

Next to discounts over personal purchases, Lyoness members receive an 0.5% commission over the purchases made by the people they have introduced to Lyoness, as well as 0.5% over the purchases made by the people introduced by the people they have brought in. Lyoness refers to this system as the ‘Friendship Bonus’