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2017 The Year of the Fire Rooster:

Last Expo Deboraa Neeves talked to us about our Front doors, this Expo shoe is letting us all in on what the Year of the Red Rooster holds for us and the planet.

Deboraa’s talks are always as informative as they are entertaining, her insights, helpful and thought provoking.

Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed more than 3,000 years ago in China. Based on the observation of nature and its cycles, this complex body of knowledge teaches how to balance the energies in any given space – be it a home, office or garden – in order to assure good fortune for people inhabiting it.

It also teaches us how to harmonize with the seasons and the cycles and prepares us to navigate the tidal ebbs and flows of life and RAA can give you the tide times.

“I literally fell into Feng Shui when I was decorating my home in London. I was visiting a nearby bookshop looking for books on design and decor when a book just fell off the shelf several feet away from me. The assistant and I both looked at it and she commented “I am pretty sure that’s for you” … I just knew it was one of those moments when fate drops in and you “just know” that there really is no choice, that was nearly 30 years ago.”

Feng-Shui-2The book was written by well known Feng Shui consultant Lillian Too.

Since the day the book fell off the shelf RAA has spent her time exploring this ancient art form and its many and various applications studying with Christine Brazel and Lillian Too.

2017 the year of the Red Rooster: With the new Trump presidency and the strong response of the Woman’s movement following inauguration 2017 will be a most interesting year to be sure.