Julia Miles

Art of Feminine Presence Introduction Workshop.


I teach a series of practices that will help you develop your personal presence and energy, so you can walk into any room and attract the attention you want.

If you fall into any of these categories, I urge you to make time to learn these simple techniques. It’s perfect for women who:
  1. Want to be respected and noticed in a bigger way
  2. Want to attract the rare breed of a conscious and sexy mate
  3. Are afraid of putting themselves “out there” even though they want to live larger
  4. Are wanting to increase their income through their business or career
  5. Want to stop people from draining their energy
The Potential Factor
Julia Miles
NLP & Art of the Feminine Presence
0478 754 100

Empowerment Events – Money, Sex & Health

Do you feel stuck in the past? Are you not sure where to turn to get things back on track?
Is your life great but you feel like you’ve hit a plateau?
Do you suffer from Anxiety, PTSD or depression?
Are you constantly busy and feel pulled in multiple directions?


Stop wasting time going in circles. Get back to the core of what’s important to you, build a strong foundation & find the real problem – it may not be what you think!  Realise how great YOU can be. Take control and guide yourself in a way that feels good to YOU, doing the things you need to do to make that happen.


  • Overcome fears
  • Break through limitations
  • Get YOUR needs met
  • Achieve your dreams
Learn how to pass through resistance and overcome your minds objections, so you can follow through and achieve your goals – better relationships, great sex, more money, amazing health…. Find what’s holding you back and see it for what it is.


We know how it feels to want to be able to take action but have massive fear and resistance, we’ve found by doing this simple exercise and applying it massive change can occur in all areas. The bigger the resistance the bigger the breakthrough!

We’ve helped thousands of people, realise their full potential and break through where they thought they couldn’t.


Adam Mac - Lifestyle and Performance Coach

Dramatically improve key areas of your life and achieve permanent life changes with intuitive coaching from Adam. With a background in fitness, mindset, life & sports coaching, nutrition, as well as mindfulness and energy work (reiki and chi practice).

Coaching with Adam focuses on the six key areas:
• Career & Business
• Health & Fitness
• Emotions
• Finances
• Relationships
• Spirituality

At the Empowerment Events stand, you’ll get to meet Adam where he’s offering Free 10 min coaching sessions. Pick an area, that you want to improve and see what coaching can do for you!








Red Tent Facilitator, Firewalk Instructor & Business Coach

Lexi helps others find and grow their passions. Building brands and growing business.
Come by the stall to have a chat with Lexi, creator of the Mimo Wand to find out more about her intimate healing products and Empowering Retreats.

Luisa Mitchell

My work is all about ascension, the ascension between the physical dense energetic realm to the realm of pure love and oneness within and so it is without.

Without going into my full story which you can see on my website, I’d like to go more into my actual work.

There has been two major purposes that are part of my path:

Healing Mother Earths Energy Grid which includes Ley Lines, Portals and including where they are and what needs healing here.
Healing Humanity by going through a Soul Journey Process which brings them to a state of healing and oneness. I currently do 6 weeks for beginners and then 12 weeks for those wanting to expand into their true selves and learn how to use their abilities that are part of their soul purpose. During the first 6 weeks we do an in depth inner work and mainly preparation prior to bring their story to light, higher self connection, cutting of cords with AA Michael, Past Life Regression, Meeting Mother Earth and guides and embracing their inner child. The 12 weeks is more flexible and all guidance is given by spirit on their journey to enhance and know their abilities, such as healing, reading, telepathy, clairs and entering the higher dimensions.

Although there is more to it and the journey’s are a one on one, I am currently working with the Yoga community to bring through an how to understand energy and how it is all connected.

Merlin has merged with me so that we work together on our healings. Much of my healings has to do with mother earth, individuals and large groups.

Rainbow Serpent also works with me with portals and group activations of Kundalini rising and a feeling of fire such as the heating up of all chakra’s to bring into alignment.

My work is varied and different in a sense that they show me large groups of healings happening for the soul purpose to awaken and ascend mankind.

Hope this helps you understand who I am and where I am at spiritually.

Love and Light


Life Transformation – Massive Change in just 4 hours!

Evening Fire Ceremony by Empowerment Events

For a truly unforgettable experience come to the Saturday night Heal Yourself Finale 4-8pm, workshop and fire ceremony hosted by Adam and Lexi where they literally transform lives, in just 4 hours.

Come for an unforgettable experience, to create an unforgettable life!

  • Address Lifelong Regrets
  • Overcome Limiting beliefs
  • Transform Fear into Drive, Connection & Love


Expo Special!!

Use the code below for 50% OFF admission price for the evening workshop!

Discount Code: HealYourself



Are you looking to overcome fear, anxiety, stress?firewalk ceremony

Empowerment Events will share with you the steps to creating lasting change with their special Heal Yourself Formula to move you forward and leave your limitations behind you; burnt away by the fire as you walk forward to a new you!

Overcoming life long regrets, releasing all that holds you back, take the first steps towards greatness with the Powerful Break-through-Momentum Exercise.

Join us for a special evening, find YOUR inner fire and move forward with power and purpose… because: “If you can walk on fire, you can do anything.”

Event registration starts at 3.30pm.

No admittance after 4pm, please arrive on time as you will not be permitted to walk if you miss the safety briefing.

What to Bring

Aside from a great attitude and your lovely self, you will want to bring the following:
• Comfortable clothing (preferably cotton or other natural fibres)
• A jumper as it may get chilly
• An extra pair of clean socks
• Trousers (should be able to be rolled up to the knee) – No long skirts or dresses
• Water bottle
Any clothing worn may get dirty!

Strictly NO Alcohol or Drugs.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Anyone can walk on fire, provided they can walk unassisted at a standard walking pace. You don’t need any special experience, just a decent dose of courage!

Over 18s only without prior permission. Photo ID may be requested.
Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Expo Special!!

Use the code below for 50% OFF workshop admission price!

Discount Code: HealYourself

Please allow up to 10 seconds for the booking form to load.

Email: info@firewalkevents.com.au
Phone: 0431 576 216

Anyone whose behaviour is not congruent with Firewalk Events policy, will be removed from the event with no refund.