Soulchez Wholistic – Glenda Middlemiss

I created Soulecez Wholistic Coaching because I wanted to combine good nutrition to support cell life with the inner intelligence of herbs, aromatherapy, flower essences and colour.  Music, smell, reminiscing in days gone by of herbal folklore and their spirit has touched my heart deeply.  I have learned to bring the soul of plant, their colour vibrations and energetics of nature into healing.  But most of all these beautiful life forms create the communication link to speak in my heart.  To feel touch, hear the wonder and be gentle inside and out.

I love soul life, anything that creates heart connection.  Colour, smell, gentle touch, beautiful words, sound and plant spirit.  My mission is to teach people to fully embrace themselves.  In my work I rely on body and plant intelligence to tell me what is required for healing.

Wholistic Coaching addresses needs on a number of levels via; Herbal Medicine, Facial Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and Wellbeing Coaching. There are coaching packages exploring challengers and strategies and those resonating deep in earth medicine. These can be achieved by one on one consultation or group coaching sessions.

Coaching packages include:

  • Health Coaching
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Life Balance & Self-care
  • Exploring Ourselves
  • Intuitive Wellness
  • Self-empowerment

It’s fun, heart-warming, creative, challenging and lots of fulfilment

Colour & Flower Essence Consultancy

Salty Kisses Gympie’s exclusive Health Spa destination

Discover Salty Kisses Gympie’s exclusive Health Spa destination!

Salty Kisses offers authentic luxury health spa treatments, and specialty packages. Enjoy a tranquil environment that embraces natural and botanical health solutions for all of the family.

Drift away as you relax in our Salt Room whilst relieving congestion, detoxifying your respiratory system, and boosting your immunity. Bring a friend and experience the serenity of our Specialty spa room as you relax with either a foot detox, an aromatherapy or magnesium foot spa. Enjoy coffee and cake at our SK Espresso Bar with friends before, after or during your treatment. If massage is more your style, we have many varieties available to suit your every need. Be it relaxation or a deep tissue massage – we can help you feel amazing!

Why not book in to our DIY workshops and create your own unique range of products to use at home using organic products and our beautiful range of doTERRA essential oils? We can show you how to use essential oils in your daily life to improve your health and wellness. We will share information on how to use them in cooking, non toxic cleaning, DIY ideas at home and for natural healthy every day solutions for your family.

We would love to see you. If you would like any further information about what we have to offer, please get in touch. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, sign up for our special events, and check out our website where you can also book your treatment online.

Salty Kisses
Danielle Spalding
Doterra Essential Oils, Salt Lamps, Salt Products
0439 710 794

My Health For Life (Stroke Foundation)

My Health For Life (Stroke Foundation)

My health for life is a free program designed to help people who are at high risk of chronic disease get their health back on track. It could be the ideal program for you. My health for life is about behaviour change.
Eligible participants take part in a six month program that helps them to move past the barriers that stand in the way of making healthy choices and positive lifestyle change. There are no clubs to join, weigh-ins, special food or gym-style programs involved. Our emphasis is on providing a respectful and supportive environment.
We believe healthy change is best achieved in manageable steps. We show you how to set realistic goals and develop an action plan for success and we support you on your journey to get your health back on track.
Tracey Sparks
Providing Free Health Checks – Stroke Foundation
0414 645 944

Jaaneman Art & Wellbeing

Jane Marin is a talented Australian artist/healer and life coach and dancer, who came from England with her parents and younger brother in 1970 at the age of seven. She lives with her husband Livio on a cane farm in the beautiful Wide Bay area of Queensland, Australia.

Jane is an accomplished artist employing many different media and earning early acclaim with her pencil sketches and photography.

She has always been fascinated by colour, light, pictures, and symbols since very early childhood—from birth, in fact. Painting, collage, and photography were among her favourite pastimes growing up. She particularly loved making collages, bringing together small scraps of “nothing” to create picture and won her first national art competition at the age of three with a piece entitled “Ice skaters” made entirely by collage.

Combining her art with her talents as an intuitive healer now has Jane producing powerful healing mandalas, the basis of which are her beautiful photographs.

Jane’s paintings featuring in particular the Divine Feminine are now available as prints and set into her beautiful jewellery pieces.  Many of her original pieces, acrylics on canvas or wood are also available to be purchased.

Jane’s artwork also graces the pages of  some wonderful books by  Blue Angel Publishing including  Alana Fairchild’s  Crystal Angels 444, Crystal Masters 333 and Crystal Goddesses 888.  Also Alana’s Crystal Mandala Oracle  and Jade-Sky’s “Eternal Crystals”.  You can find these in her online shop along with her own Mandala Oracle.

Within my art I work with the vibration of energy – light, form and colour. My visual art has become an expression of this energy that manifests in many different but related ways including acrylics on canvas, multimedia art journals and mandalas. As each piece of art comes through, it heals a part of me before I let it go to continue its healing work with others.

Whether mandala or painting, the colours, symbols and number vibrations are intuited – a feeling, a message, a voice. I don’t always understand until later.

Whether mandala, muse, goddess or another spiritual concept, each asks to be painted. Sometimes waiting patiently on the sideline until I am ready and sometimes so insistent that I may be creating more than one at a time. The colours, symbols and number vibrations are intuited – a feeling, a message, a voice that I don’t always understand until later. I bring their energies and principles into being through the choices of colour, light and form resulting in an image that vibrates with energy.

My mandalas, whilst sometimes created for a specific purpose, generally rlate to the spiritual dimensions and come to me or through me bringing messages and healing. But rather than using a paintbrush, they are created from my own original photgraphs which are cut and pasted manually on my computer screen, in sometimes up to forty layers to create magical healing peaces of colour, light and energy. Many of these mandalas have been brought together in “The Mandala Oracle”, a collaboration with the wonderful Vikstar and the Crystal series of books and cards by Alana Fairchild (Blue Angel Publishing). (All available at my online store)

I often work with the energies of the Divine feminine whether through visual art or dance. Divine Feminine is the female aspect in all of us whether we be male or female, in all traditions and cultures and has been since the beginning of time. She symbolises nurturing, love, healing, renewal, balance and restoration. Her principles are those of love, compassion, intuition, creativity and wisdom. The Divine Feminine energy is reawakening in many of us at this time to enable us to heal ourselves and to heal the world.

Jaaneman Art & Wellbeing
Jane Marin
Transformational Guide & Soul Artists
0421 674 124

Butterfly Crystal Dreams

Roslyn Di Ruggiero
Butterfly Crystal Dreams
51 Mary Street
Gympie 4570

Reiki Master & Galactic Energy Channeler of the Divine Source. Healing souls one soul at a time.
Creating ripples of change through the activation of the connection to source in every soul on this earth.
Reiki being the connection to source we all benefit from individually & by the individual connection we effect the change on a global scale..

School of Psychic and Spiritual Knowledge

The School of Psychic & Spiritual Knowledge (SPSK) was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2014.

The SPSK is founded on the knowledge that every person has inherent psychic abilities and aims to help you uncover and unlock your psychic gifts.  However, Psychic development and awareness should go hand in hand with Spiritual development and thus, SPSK also aims to help you increase your spiritual awareness and evolution.

Help and guidance is offered to you through our Psychic and Spiritual development courses, and also Psychic readings and Pranic Healing sessions, mentoring and coaching. Please have a look at our Services for more information on our readings and healing sessions.


Kalyi Amoto – Founder and Teacher

Kalyi is a Brisbane based psychic reader and teacher, pranic healer, artist and a qualified psychologist.

Psychic Readings

She has had a proven psychic gift since she was 7 years old and has studied meditation & psychic development for 20 years.  Whilst living in London, she studied Psychic Development, Mediumship & Palmistry at the College of Psychic Studies London for 3 years; worked for a corporate event agency and at the UK Mind Body Spirit Festival – London.

Kalyi has also provided psychic readings at the Brisbane Mind Body Spirit festival.  She currently offers psychic readings for private clients locally in Brisbane, but also interstate and internationally via Skype.  Kalyi also can provide her psychic reading services for corporate and private events.

Psychic and Spiritual Teaching

Kalyi teaches various courses in Psychic Development and Spiritual knowledge.  Please have a look at the Courses page for more information on fees and schedules.

Kalyi also hosts  psychic meditation nights where people can get together to practise & talk about a wide range of Metaphysical, Spiritual & Psychic topics with like-minded individuals in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  For further details, please have a look at the Meet Up page.

Pranic Healing, Mentoring & Coaching

As a qualified psychologist who incorporates alternative modalities such as Pranic Healing and meditation into her practice, clients receive the benefits of both Science & Spirit in her therapy.  To find out more about Pranic Healing and why a healing session may be beneficial for you, please look here.

She has successfully treated clients for depression, anxiety disorders & phobias as well as many physical conditions such as cancer, eye diseases & hay fever.  Read reviews and testimonials from Kalyi’s clients.


Kalyi is also an accomplished exhibiting artist having studied at the Queensland College of Art – BA Visual Art.  She has had both solo and group exhibitions in various cities across Australia and London.  Her work is mainly photomontage exploring spiritual & metaphysical topics such as dreams, reincarnation, & spirit guides. She has won various art prizes & her work is included in public & private collections. Her artworks can be purchased here.

School of Psychic and Spiritual Knowledge
Kalyi Amoto
Psychologically, Pranic, and Heart Meditations
0448 492 237

Eager for Life

Hi from Eager for Life!

I’m Melanie Eager, a nutrition and wellness coach specialising in genetics health coaching. I teach people how to take control of their health by learning how to keep their good genes switched on and their bad genes switched off. Your genes are not your destiny.

We are born with a set of genes but what we need to realise is that the genes we are born with do not have to be our health story for our life. Whatever age you are, your genes are your genes.

However 95% of your health is determined by what your environment does to your genes, NOT YOUR GENES. Dr Bruce Lipton

The platform I use (Ph360) helps you understand your genetic information.

Every single person on this planet is unique and therefore every single person needs a plan that suits their body. We all require different food, exercise, social, work and environment. I work with you to determine what is best for YOU.

So if you’re fed up of visiting practitioner after practitioner and still don’t know what to eat or how to heal, come and see me to take the free health type test so that you can start to understand what will work for you.

It is amazing what happens when we start to follow what our bodies are supposed to be doing. Having experienced my own personal health journey, and now living by my health type, my health has flourished and I am passionate to help others find joy again and be eager for life too.

I have a passion for prevention over prescription and I am here to teach people how to live a long life with optimal health.

Contact Us:

Widebay Burnett Community Exchange System

About Us: Our community exchange allows our traders to buy, sell, share, swap, barter and gift their skills and wares creating a mutually supportive network of people helping each other. You can help other people or they can help you in lots of different ways – such as doing odd jobs, gardening, home help, babysitting, office work, providing transport, companionship & support or by teaching another trader a new skill. You are able to buy goods from others in the exchange to help you meet your day-to-day needs and to access services that you may not be able to afford if you had to pay cash for it.

How it works: LETS & CES Users are a group of people who join a Local Economic Trading System using the community exchange website. As members, they agree to abide by the rules ( Terms & Conditions) of the exchange.

It is here that all members are listed as users of the CES system, and their offers & wants are accessed online through a password protected website. Once a person subscribes, the new User is able to start trading. Services, skills and goods are listed and are available to all Users.

Once selected, the user phones or emails the user offering the goods or service and makes arrangements for work to be done or goods provided. A price is negotiated and agreed upon. Once the trade is completed the user who has fulfilled the trade (the seller) debits the buyer’s account. The buyer receives an email stating the transaction has been made. The buyer has 10 days to question the transaction if a mistake has been made.

It is important to regularly update your Offers and Wants listings as after a period of time they will no longer appear; they ‘expire’.

All trades are recorded and accounts debited or credited through the website. Unlike a banking system there is no advantage in saving Favours as the system works best by keeping the Favours circulating. Accounts are reviewed regularly to ensure users are trading fairly. New users may be slightly in debit until they start having a ‘take up’ of their services or goods. Don’t let this prevent you from beginning trading.

Any queries can be answered by referring to the website, checking the How do I…? document and the User Guide on your Personal Home Page at HELP and asking an Admin or coordinator. We’re all here to help and get you trading.

Any queries can be answered by referring to the website, checking the How do I…? document and the User Guide on your Personal Home Page at HELP and asking an Admin or coordinator. We’re all here to help and get you trading.

The CES (Community Exchange System) can seem confusing to new users. However, once you have used it a couple of times and made a couple of trades, you will have a better understanding of how it works and how simple the online system is to use.

Visit our Website:

Widebay Burnett Community Exchange System
Kathryn Spencer
Community Exhchange System (CES or LETS)
0401 600 083



Brad White – Celtic Reiki

Brad has been involved in Reiki for around 10 years . He studied Celtic Reiki about 7 years ago which means he has been able to combined both earth and universe energies. This allows the client to experience a more powerful but gentler form of Reiki. Brad is of the believe that Healing is a journey that one, themselves must be willing to travel and he is only there as conduit for this energy.

Reconnective Healing – Jan Nolan

Jan Nolan ReconnectiveJan began her career as a Registered Nurse and has worked in the health industry for over 35 years, mainly childcare, aged care and disability care. This led to her interest in holistic health, embracing the connection between mind, body and spirit. She has practiced other healing modalities, including Reiki, but Reconnective Healing is her passion.

Reconnective Healing was discovered by Dr Eric Pearl in the early 90’s. Today, Dr.Eric Pearl and his global team of practitioner’s and mentors have trained over 100,000 individuals in over 90 countries and hundred of thousands of healing sessions have been facilitated globally.

Science has confirmed that Reconnective Healing is real. It is a new proven healing spectrum of vibrational frequencies consisting of ENERGY, LIGHT, and INFORMATION. It is believed to regenerate dormant strings and strands of our DNA, returning us to an optimal state of balance and healing on all levels; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. In some instances, these frequencies can have an instant effect on one aspect of your being while in other areas of your being it can take a few weeks or months to unfold. Each persons experience is unique and perfect for them.

Reconnective Healing is facilitated hands-off while you relax on a massage table, lying on your back, fully clothed. Each session lasts between 45 – 60 minutes.Generally, it is recommended to have between 1-3 sessions of Reconnective Healing. Distance healing and healing on pets is also available.

We discover that the less we know about why the person thinks they’ve come in to see us, the better off that person is,
Jan Nolan.

Jan Nolan
Reconnective Healing – Heal Others, Heal yourself
0409 836 887

Mindfulness Poet – Brendan O’Shea

Brendan O'SheaMindfulness Poet – Mindfulness through performance
The Mindfulness Poet is Brendan O’Shea. For years he’s been meditating (he was a Buddhist monk for 6 years), doing yoga (he’s also a yoga teacher) and scratching his head trying to figure life out. Then one day he realised a simple truth: life tastes better with mindfulness. Now he performs as a poet and story teller to help people experience mindfulness and enjoy life more.
Mindfulness Poet will be at the expo to perform, talk to people about mindfulness and share any insights from a decade or two of looking for calm and peace.
Mindfulness Poet is also looking for test-audiences for his new show, so if you want to see him for free come and say hello and find out if he can come visit you.
See videos of Mindfulness Poet at (or go straight to YouTube:
Listen to the professionally produced album for free at

Feng Shui with Nicki

Feng Shui with NIckiFeng Shui is the art of understanding how energy moves in our surroundings, and how our environment, buildings and their interiors can affect our prosperity, abundance and wellbeing.

The art of Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries and still remains relevant in today’s modern world.

As with most ancient practices, varying break-away groups emerge and Feng Shui is no different.

Some of the Feng Shui schools that are practiced today are as a result of the protection of the sacred teachings handed down by Masters and Grand Masters, and the mistaken belief that western cultures would not understand and appreciate the intricacies of applying the principles of Feng Shui. These schools do not take into consideration compass directions or the influence of time on a building.

A consultation with Feng Shui with Nicki is based on traditional methodologies from Form, Compass and Flying Star schools. The latter acknowledges that nothing is ever static and there are invisible forces in the universe that are forever changing.

Additionally, each year consideration must also be given to the Annual Visiting energy and the affects that they will have for the year ahead. This can be up to 40% depending on where different sectors in your premises are located.

Every home has prosperous and challenging energy and Nicki from Feng Shui with Nicki is fully committed to helping you with analysing the energy within your surroundings and recommending solutions to help you maximise your prosperity, abundance and wellbeing in all areas of your life.

Consultations by Feng Shui with Nicki are offered via on site visitations or distance utilising computer-drive technology including Google Earth.

To find out more, please call Nicki on 0438 641 515 or email her on

Linda Williams

Linda WilliamsLinda is a third generation psychic medium on her mother’s side of the family.

Linda is well known and respected in the industry with over 30 years experience.

Linda works with her trusted spirit team and tarot deck to help and  guide her clients with love and understanding.

Lydia Joy

Confidential and Compassionate Readings. Divination can show potential outcomes Lydia Joybut you always have free will to shape your destiny. Unlock the key to connect with your wisdom.

About   Lydia Joy …

Lydia Joy is of Celtic descent., which has strongly influenced her style of reading. A  tarot reader for over30 years, teacher of Tarot & psychic development, counsellor & Life  Coach.

She holds professional membership of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Elizabeth Sek

Elizabeth SekI have always felt connected to the world of spirit and the ancient ways.

This connection lead me to the world of Vikings; a world where spirituality was a way of living – it was everything, not just part of life.  As a Viking re-enactor I discovered the Runes and began to develop my spiritual self as a ‘Seer’ (Seiðkona) or, what we call today, a psychic.

While the Runes are my primary tool, I also use the Tarot to receive messages from spirit, gaining clarity and guidance for my clients.

During my years I have worked in many roles including Secretary, Reflexologist, waitress and, since 2012, leatherworker/artist in my own business – The Happy Viking.  However the urge to work in an area more in alignment with my spiritual beliefs was always strong.

Early in 2016 I began attending a weekly Spiritual Development group.  This gave me the courage to put myself ‘out there’ and I began to include Rune readings as part of my service.  I feel very blessed to be able to offer this service to those who are seeking clarity in their lives.  I continue to attend the weekly group sessions to broaden my knowledge and gain a deeper connection with spirit.

In addition to personal readings, I also attend various psychic festivals.  Most recently I took part in Conscious Life Event’s Gold Coast Expo and am excited to be registered for the following events:

Heal Yourself Expo (Gympie) – 14 & 15 October

I’ll also be offering readings at the Viking Village in Lismore on 19 & 20 August and Viking Culture Day on 10 September.

I feel very blessed to be living in beautiful Maleny, Sunshine Coast Hinterland – my home for the past 19 years.

Elizabeth Sek - Psychic Reader - Runes and Tarot Logo

The way forward is clearly seeing the present

Renee Priem – Independent Arbonne Consultant

My name is Renee Priem and I am a wife, and mother to two beautiful boys, Oscar (age 5), and Ollie (age 3).

I am also an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International.

Arbonne is a 37 year old Health and Wellness Company who specialise in Pure, Safe and Beneficial Health and Wellness products and Nutrition Programs.

Through Arbonne I help to educate others on their health by eliminating unnecessary toxins and preservatives from their personal care products, as well as help others to improve their health through our supported 30 Days to Healthy Living Program.  Our program and products are Gluten-free, Vegan-certified, Kosher, contain no animal products or by-products, nor do we test on animals.

Just over six years ago I lost my father to cancer, and watching him fight the battle and dwindle away both physically and mentally over two and half years, was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I was shocked to find evidence that links everyday preservatives such as parabens to cancer, and that these nasty chemicals were still allowed to be used every day in our most common personal care products.

That’s when I discovered Arbonne.

I now have switched all of my personal care products to Arbonne’s pure, safe and beneficial products, and know that I am making every effort possible to improve my families health, well-being and welfare.

Not only have I changed what I put on my body but what I put in my body, to really begin to heal myself from the inside out.  Through Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living Program I have been guided through and given all the information and hands-on tools I’ve needed to change my life through my health.  It’s inspired me so much, that I am now currently studying a Diploma of Nutrition, as I strongly see the benefits of good nutrition and direct correlations between poor gut health and disease.

I love nothing more than sharing my passion, knowledge and these amazing products with as many people as I can, in the hope that I can help to change someone else’s life.

Renee Priem
Executive Area Manager & Independent Consultant
Arbonne International
Pure & Safe Products, large focus on Nutrition and Educating People
Phn:0408 436 124



Wiccid – Holisitc Beauty, Wellbeing & Magic Studio

I’m Bella from Wiccid Holistic Therapies.

I assist my clients to awaken the magic within themselves utilizing a range of therapies and guidance such as massage, healing therapies, intuitive readings and gorgeous beauty therapies. I also run regular magical circles for girls, mums and Goddesses + I guide students on their spiritual path through an online 12 month apprenticeship in witchcraft and magic.

My daily life and everything I do in my business is sprinkled with magic. It is a joy and a privilege to share it with people who are ready to step on this path and awaken it within themselves.

I would love you to stop by my stall for a chat, I will have information on all my offerings, my studio and a small gift for the first 20 people to connect with me.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Bella x

If this intrigues you, please explore my website, and should you have any queries please call me on 0422 958 100 or fill out the inquiry form in Contact Us and I will respond to you post haste.

Belinda Payne
Holisitc Beauty, Wellbeing & Magic Studio
0422 958 100

Available at the Expo Sunday Only

The Cleanse Shop – Rebecca Rowe

My focus lies heavily on the belief that most health issues begin from an acidic body and overloaded toxic liver. I am a cleanse consultant that educates people to understand their physical symptoms are messages that their mind and body are out of balance and that regular cleansing can begin to heal the body back to wellness. Nothing about my beliefs involves a quick fix. Healing is an ongoing journey and just continues at deeper and deeper levels.

Specifically I focus on the following 3 cleanse techniques:

  • Alkaline Cleanse (reduce acidity within the body)
  • Parasite Cleanse (rid the body of parasite infestations)
  • Liver Cleanse (reduce the toxic overload that the liver tries to deal with. This also includes an emotional cleanse as the liver holds onto many emotions such as anger, hate, resentment, fear).

Products that will be shown at the expo as part of cleanse regimes are:

Magnesium Bath Flakes (Magnesium Chloride) – Assists with magnesium deficiency and relaxes the nervous system

Organic Cleanse Clay (Food Grade Bentonite Clay) – you can drink it to help with removing toxins in the body – it has an electromagnetic charge that binds to pathogens and toxins that are mostly positively charged and then once bounds are able to be rid from the body.

Organic PH Body Balance (Food Grade Bicarbonate Soda) –drinking in a glass of water helps to alkalise the body when combined with a diet that focuses on high alkaline foods.

TriPlex Herbal Tincture (Specific for treating parasite infestations) –containswormwood, clove, black walnut hull – kills over 100 different types of parasites and all the stages of the parasite cycle.

LiverPlex Herbal Tincture (specific to liver cleansing) – contains the major liver cleansers of turmeric, milk thistle, dandelion – gentle herbal tincture to start the liver flush process. A full liver flush can be carried out after a few months of treating the liver gently.

Meditation Masks – Handmade masks filled with linseed that help you fall into a relaxed state for meditation. These really work well to help you get centred and calm the mind. Particularly good for people who struggle to meditate. It helps keep focus.

Make Your Own Body Salt Scrub Packs – (Contains Pink Salts, Lavender Oil and Coconut Oil) used to Cleanse the skin with natural minerals and oils. An indulgent body scrub made with all natural ingredients to help remove dead skin cells.

Maintaining a balanced state of health and wellbeing in a world with many distractions that keep us from connecting into ourselves can be challenging.

The body naturally wants to feel well and sends signals when overloaded from toxins, acidity, and emotional blockages. These signals are communicated as aches and pains, insomnia, disease, illness, depression, anxiety, skin disorders, food cravings and gut issues.

Cleansing the body regularly is essential in order to heal, prevent disease and regain balance at a truly deep and holistic level. The Cleanse Shop provides therapeutic grade salts, clays and herbs naturally sourced from the Earth, to use in easy to follow cleanse regimes that gently remove toxins, parasites and acidity within the body to restore health.

Our products and cleanse regimes can help with many blockages you may be experiencing:

● Digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, IBS
● Traveler’s diarrhea while abroad
● Food poisoning and digestion has not been the same since
● Nausea
● Trouble falling asleep, insomnia, waking during the night
● Skin irritations, rashes, hives, rosacea, eczema, acne, dermatitis
● Teeth grinding, bleeding gums, difficulty swallowing
● Aches and pains in muscles or joints
● Fatigue, exhaustion, lethargy
● Depression, irritability, anxiety, anger, frustration, resentment, jealousy
● Strong cravings for processed foods and sugary foods
● Restlessness, nervousness, tremors
● Anemia or iron deficiency
● Loss of appetite OR hungry all the time even after meals
● Food allergies / Food sensitivities
● Recurring yeast infections such as Candida
● Headaches
● Reproductive problems in women / sexual dysfunction in men
● Respiratory issues
● Itching – especially around mouth, nose, ears and bottom
● Memory problems, poor concentration, ADHD, confusion, learning difficulty
● Type II Diabetes
● Poor heart health, high blood pressure
● eating and drinking acid forming foods ● emotional stress
● toxic and chemical overload
● immune reactions depriving the body of oxygen and nutrients Everyone deserves to feel well.

Take the time to listen deep within your being, and trust that instinct will correctly guide you to address your body’s intelligent signals. Always remember….. No one knows your body like you do. Come and meet us if you would like to learn how to cleanse. Find out about our FREE gift with any purchase offered to all Expo Guests.

Contact Details:

The Cleanse Shop – Rebecca Rowe Cleanse Consultant
Available at the Expo Saturday Only

Frezzor Australia

Hi, my name is Gabriele Mair coming from a background with lots of health issues from weight problems to heart disease and other health problems running rampant in my family, i started on a journey of healing through nutrition and making food my medicine. Researching lots of different companies I have finally found FREZZOR a company aligned with my values. All our products are made in New Zealand and 100% Natural and Organic. We offer Hemp based Super foods, Natural Pain relieve, Detox and Gut health capsules and Supergreen’s.

Anderson & Jewell New Age Emporium

We deal in incense, resins, smudge sticks and all the accessories that go with them. We also have a range of singing bowls plus much more!!!

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Audio Clinic

Discover Better Hearing at AudioClinic

Audio ClinicIf you were to pause for a moment to consider how good you are at listening and communicating in different situations, how would you rate your abilities?

If you sometimes find it hard to keep up, and you often feel tired and overwhelmed, it is important to consider the cause. You may be in great shape physically but what condition is your hearing in?

Hearing is one of our most precious senses and with hearing loss we often lose contact with the people we love and the world in general.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Ask yourself the following questions to make a quick assessment about your hearing health:

  • Do people seem to be mumbling?
  • Do you have to strain to hear when someone talks or whispers?
  • Do you have difficulties hearing someone call you from behind or from another room
  • Do you need to watch a speaker’s lips more closely to follow conversation?
  • Do you find it hard to keep up in meetings, restaurants or in lectures?
  • Do you have to turn up the volume on the television or radio?
  • Do you find it hard to hear clearly on the telephone?
  • Do you have difficulties at the theatre, cinema or other entertainment venues?
  • Do you find it hard to hear in noisy environments like the street or in a car?
  • Do you limit your social activities because it’s difficult to hear and communicate?
  • Do family, friends or colleagues mention that they often have to repeat themselves?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, don’t be disheartened. It does not necessarily mean you have a hearing loss – you might just have a build up of earwax. Only a comprehensive hearing test from one of our professional Clinicians, Australia wide, can tell you for certain. Book your FREE Hearing Test* online today.

Visiting our Hearing Clinics

When you visit one of our hearing clinics you will be in caring hands. Our Clinician will listen to your concerns and conduct a comprehensive hearing test at no charge to you*.

It takes less than an hour to get an accurate evaluation and the process is completely painless. The hearing test takes place in a quiet room or sound-proof booth, where you will put on a headset, sit comfortably and listen.

The Audiologist will play a series of pure whistling tones – from bass through to treble – and you press a buzzer when you can hear them. From this hearing test the Audiologist will be able to tell you:

  • How much you can hear in each ear
  • How well you hear the loudness and pitch of different sounds
  • What impact this has on your ability to communicate

Frequently Asked Questions

Gathering information is a great way to start learning about hearing health. You can search this web site for general facts about the topic and share it with family and friends.
We’ve answered a few of the most frequently asked questions here. However, if you can’t find the information you want or have a specific question, then we would love to hear from you. Send your enquiry from the contact us page or telephone us on 1800 280 981 to talk to our friendly team.


Info with Heart

Info with Heart

We are both accredited Inner Voyage Holisitic Human Development Practitioners, and we want to provide you with trusted information and services that are self empowering.

Michaela Knoth and  Gabriele Drasdo are cousins and we formed a business partnership GM Enterprizes (Information With Heart).

We both have extensive corporate experience in several different fields including Retail, Corporate Training and the Travel Industry.

Michaela is a qualified nationally accredited counsellor and Gabriele is an Aroma Touch Technique Therapist.

We believe that everyone is entitled to lead happy, healthy lives.

Sometimes however, we do not recognize the path we need to follow to live the life we want.
Info With Heart is about providing holistic education and tools that when adapted into your life help bring awareness and change.

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Lou Van Stone

Lou Van StoneWith a sound that’s constantly evolving, Lou Van Stone combines soaring, ethereal vocals and lush harmonies with ambient instrumentation and hypnotic loops. The haunting, bell-like quality of her voice has had her winning over audiences world-wide. Described as a ‘Celestial Musician’, Lou taps into a divine source, bringing forth captivating songs to inspire and uplift. Her unique sound merges with many influences to produce a potent fusion, a hypnotic and deeply moving musical experience, where the audience emerges transformed.

Lou’s previous incarnation as a classically trained soprano and jazz singer also comes to the fore, as she creates spontaneous, improvised compositions live and in the moment. Channeling the music of the spheres and singing the language of light.

The versatility of Lou’s unique sound, means that she can straddle several genres.From blissful, meditative soundscapes, to chilled-out, organic grooves, straight through to euphoric Trance and Happy House anthems.

Lou is very excited about be a part of the Heal Yourself Expo community. She will be playing live, channeled music throughout the day, sending out powerful healing frequencies to the festival visitors and exhibitors. It is her intention to anchor the energy of the event through sound and bring peace and healing vibrations to all who listen. Lou will also be selling her range of CDs which will allow you to take some of her music home and continue to experience the energy. She will also be selling her original Vibrational Sound Art pieces. Lou will also be able to take bookings for one-on-one Sound Healing Sessions, which include a CD of music channeled for you during the session.

More about Lou:

Lou has teamed up with Dance Producer, Simon Hollway. The pair have signed to major German dance label, Plasmapool .Their first single release, “You Make The Sun Rise” has gained acclaim from influential, international DJs and mixers and has already made the A List on This Is Electric London’s Dance Music Station. Their next single “Carry On” reached number three in the Australian EDM charts. This year, the latest singles ‘I Know You’re Out There’ and  ‘Follow Me’, have been released through Swiss label ‘5howtime’and UK label ‘Kinky Traxx’ both gaining international airplay.

Lou is also passionate about fusing the devotional nature of sacred music with the ecstasy of and conscious dance electronica.  So she has created a unique blend of inspirational songs and chants, infectious loops and laptop grooves.

She has played in the UK, France and Italy and is a regular at festivals Australia-wide, including Mind Body Spirit Festivals, Woodford Folk Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, Uplift, Byron Spirit Festival, Earthcore, Jungle Love, Conscious Living New Earth Festival, Health Harmony Soul Festival, Conscious Life Festival, Festival Of Dreams, Starlight Festival, White Light Festival and Canberra Spirit Fest and CPC Festivals.

A recent UK tour saw her gracing stages at the Three Wishes Faery Festival, Cornwall, The Secret World Healing Weekend Festival, Somerset, The Seed Festival, Stroudand Shekin Ashram, Glastonbury and in Chalais, France. Lou has another European tour planned for 2018.  She has just returned from performing a the Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud.

Lou’s powerful ‘Celestial Sound Healing Voyages’ are rapidly gaining momentum with potent channeled voice and spontaneous music transfixing and transforming participants.  Following Lou’s ‘Sound Blessing’many people are reporting incredible results, from the healing of pain, to a deep sense of peace and connection.   These sessions are run Australia wide and overseas.

Ph: 0402 388 380 / 02 6688 6213

Lou Van Stone

Marc Bright – Joyology Now

Marc Bright – Joyology Now

Sensory Body Art Reading by Marc Bright a Powerful Ancient Healing Modality for Modern Times.
Great Ancient Traditional Cultures and their shaman artists (from all 4 rainbow colours of human skins ie red, white, brown,yellow ‘often refered to as the original‘root races’) have applied natural pastes or paints on their skin as symbolic messages in their Sacred Ceremonies and Community Celebrations since the beginning of time.

Using the inspiration of the ancient shaman artist Marc Bright has combined the powerfully transformative and enlightening qualities of the original Ceremonies into a‘ modern day’- modality’ Sensory Body Art Reading

As a student of the ancient ceremonies Marc found that the original body painting had a powerful capacity to
*induce profound healing,
*bring deep and lasting clarity
* engender spiritual fortitude in the recipeint member s of community during great and challenging times.

Marc mentions his ‘epiphany moment ‘ it struck me that we could apply these creative and empowering methods for our lives in these times… according to Marc ‘that was the beginning of the Sensory Body Art Reading journey –
‘25 years ago I began to combining ‘A passion for body art’ with ‘spirited personal development processes’.
‘ I made further investigation into the role of the sacred Artists who turned out to be ‘ spiritual artists’ ‘ trusted to undertake ‘sacred service’on behalf of their community.

‘Their tasks often involved personal empowerment excercises with deep connection to nature. These spiritual artists would be charged with ensuring their own hearts and minds were in alignment with the highest good for all.further to this- ‘they would embark on meditaions, inner and outer journey’s specifically designed to connect with sacred symbols and ‘ the source and the spirit’ of the materials…’following these rituals the artists ’ mix their ingredients and prepare for the ceremonial- celebrations..
‘ ‘When a person comes to recieve their Sensory Body Art Reading as the Artist I sense a spontaneous appreciation of the energies and respond by painting,sometimes,speaking or singing a naturally spirited Art Story for my Clients. Crystals ,Aromatherapy, Prayer,and Sonics are infused into the brightly coloured paints, Sacred symbols are applied in a healing manner designed to create Love and Clarity.The Sensory Body Art Reading Stories combine Original Spirited Insights with personal journey knowledge to assist deep inner processes and life choice making processes.” Marc the Joyologist -Sensory Body Art Readings.

Marc is an Author of ebook Sensory Body Art-Readings, Live stage Performer/presenter and Trainer of new Course on How to be a Sensory Body Art Reader.

Marc brings power of insightful colourful awareness to your Conscious Events and Retreats
Contact Marc on 0402447317 and check out the ‘thousands of happy customers’ on facebook Marc Bright or Marc the Joyologist…


Simply Sustainable Living – Michelle McClintock

Our Mission

To empower consumers and local suppliers.
To build resilient and sustainable communities.
To help people create abundance and financial freedom by sharing the sustainable marketplace.Helping people to live a more sustainable life through inspiration, information and best available natural, healthy and environmentally responsible products on the market.Hi I’m Michelle, the founder of Simply Sustainable Living. I turned my health & life around after learning I was suffering from a debilitating digestive problem. I’m am now dedicated to helping others improve their wellbeing.

Simply Sustainable Living is passionate about health, wellness and sustainable living. We want to help you to live a healthier, happier life. We seek out and share with you that latest information on health and wellness from around the globe. We also want you to have access to the best available, truth-on-label products that are safe and healthy for you, your family and the environment. And as an Independent Advocate with Inner Origin we can connect you instantly to our online marketplace, giving you peace of mind about every product you purchase.

Janelle Sells

Janelle SellsIntuitive Psychic Tarot, Reiki Master and Life Coach

Janelle uses her skills as an intuitive reader to channel and bring forth personal messages from the client’s spirit guides as well as loved ones who may be passed over.

By combining her Tarot and Reiki skills Janelle is able to provide guidance and healing specific to the client’s own life path.
Issues of health can be a concern. Janelle can connect with Spirit and request a Health Scan for the client and their loved ones.

Adam Glenholmes – Cerule

Firstly, let me tell you about how I became involved with stem cell nutrition to give you a bit of an idea why I am so passionate about spreading the word of Cerule to as many people as possible so that everyone could have a chance of living a healthy, happy and long filled life.

I stumbled into the world of stem cell nutrition after a couple of years living with chronic pain, chronic fatigue and severe depression & anxiety after a work incident in a physically demanding position left me with two bulging discs and one compressed disc as well as aggravating my degenerative disc disease and my whole lower lumber was also degenerated significantly. Left without a job after being told by specialists that I would not be able to participate in any physical work for the rest of my life or risk being left unable to walk again and confined to a wheel chair.

Finding it extremely hard to find work in a more less strenuous field and the fact I had a bad back and no experience at 40 years of age I slowly declined into a very dark place with no hope in sight of ever moving forward. Than one day I was introduced to stem cell nutrition and from that day my life changed forever and I will never look back. Actually my life now is the best it has ever been in my whole entire life and I am just loving it. I won’t go into detail here but I have had some amazing improvements in both my health and wellbeing and I owe it all stem cell nutrition.

So here I am today with a whole different outlook on life and my goals have changed forever. I now have found a passion in helping others and my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the lives of others changed forever so that they can live extraordinary lives. I have found why I was put on this earth and have found my path. I am here to help others and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that anyone I come in contact with in my life knows that I am here for you and to make sure that they know I care. Everyone at some stage in their life needs a little help sometimes.

Cerule stands for everything I believe in and that is why I am proud to be part of a very special team spreading the word and educating people on the importance of stem cell nutrition. Cerule formulates its products guided by the principle that good health is a sound balance between Body, Mind and Spirit. The synergy is essential for anyone to realise their full potential. “Increasing the number of circulating Adult stem cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health & wellbeing.


Email: or

Facebook:  or @Cerule.IBO

Ear Candles by Danielle

Ear Candles By Danielle

Ear Candling, also known as ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is a natural & non-invasive

Over time Ear Candling has become more and more popular across the world, for it is an easy and effective way to naturally tend to excess ear wax. This can be done in the privacy of your own home or with one of our many treating therapist.

To purchase and find out more information on our product, please visit us at the You Can Heal Yourself Expo

Thomas Wagner – Conscious Kitchen

At Conscious Kitchen we are taking pride to create and cook food that is delicious, fresh and good for you. Understanding the importance food plays in the overall well being for each individual, as we are more and more surrounded by processed food, Conscious Kitchen made a very conscious and deliberate decision to offer food that is not deep fried and is free of any nasties to enhance “ flavour, colour, texture shelf life” and so forth. Our food is healthy and freshly cooked.
Having a back ground as a well travelled qualified chef, we create your food from fresh ingredients, cooked the traditional way – being with a sharp knife and cooking pots or a baking tin, with the invisible but important healthy dosage of an infusion of love to everything created.

We have been providing healthy choices at various events and festivals, such as music, environmental, Yoga, council, private occasions and life style expo’s for almost 10 years now.

You can choose between spinach & feta quiches, carrot, zucchini and sweet potato quiches, lamb wrap, haloumi wrap, tofu wrap, GF beef nachos, GF lamb salad, GF haloumi salad, GF tofu salad, GF vegan Sago, GF chocolate cake, organic Parker juices, orange – apple – ginger beer or coconut water, home made lemon and mint lemonade, water and soft drinks.
We are excited to participate this year at the Heal Your Self Expo, nurturing you with food.

Looking forward meeting and feeding you there!

Kind Regards,
FB conscious kitchen gluten free


AusSpirit – Trish Cameron

AusSpirit Essences are completely natural essences created for emotional and spiritual health, wellbeing and healing.

These essences were created using spiritual vibrational techniques and influences in conjunction with earth energies and in some cases, earthly materials. They contain a very high level and extremely pure and powerful spiritual vibration that works on multiple levels to assist us to grow on emotional, spiritual and personal levels.

The essences are 100% purified water and do not contain any perfumes.

The description of the essences is a general guide, for they are advanced essences capable of working on many more levels and areas than are listed. They are capable of changing with you to ensure your progress as a sentient being.

Choosing an essence is a heart choice. There are some essences where there is an overlap in the healing qualities. Where this is the case, choose with your heart. Respect your mind, but listen to your heart.

They can be both powerful and gentle, supportive, cleansing, and evolutionary. They are always healing.

Please enjoy.

Sai Ram (I honour the divinity within you).

A million blessings to you and all you love. Please take care of yourself, all beings on this planet and especially those whom you love, and our precious earth which sustains all life.

MaxxWell Australia – Emily Upthegrove

Magnetic Jewellery & Wellness


MaxxWell Australia is a business started and run by Emily Upthegrove. Emily is a passionate pooch parent of three and she has arthritis.

Until a few years ago, Emily had to resort to expensive and very painful cortisone injections. She was told by her specialist that having arthritis was “part of the ageing process” and that she just had “to learn to live with it”. Needless to say, those comments didn’t go down well.

Since then she has taken back her power and is making herself responsible for her own health & wellness “program”. This program includes, but it is not limited to, regular P/T sessions at the gym, fortnightly visits the salt caves, generally being physically active, learning another foreign language, dancing, etc.

When Emily wasn’t looking for something to help with her arthritis, she came across German jewellery & wellness pieces with integrated magnets and copper. It was then when she started her own, ongoing research into the use of magnets and copper for arthritis sufferers. Because of her own experience, and interests, she focuses on arthritis and anxiety in both pets and people. Make your selection from our range of anklets, body magnets, bracelets, earrings, massage magnet, necklaces, pendants, rings and much more.

Emily is very much of the opinion that we all individually should be responsible for our health & wellness.

Meet and catch up with Emily and you may receive a FREE mini, magnetic massage (neck, back & shoulders). You will feel absolutely wonderful.


Universal Alchemy

The old paradigm is shifting. We have had major upgrades to our systems which have increased our vibrational resonance like never before. What may have been in alignment for you in the past is no longer. Chaos and confusion sets in as you try to make sense of how you feel from the inside to the outside. Nothing feels right, nothing is going right, everything is happening the opposite of the way you want it to. You may feel that you are struggling just to get through the day.

A whole new way of thinking and healing is now available to you.
DNA is the full Blue Print of the human being and is designed to give a very long life and is designed for full rejuvenation and self-healing on all levels of your existence.

I have designed a set of Vibrational Spray Essences which have been programmed to help empower people of all ages to embrace the changes in a supportive way in the comfort of your own home. They will help to bring awareness to what it is that life is teaching you while recalibrating, transcending and regenerating your whole being – a truly powerful, yet gentle way to support you with the changes you are ultimately needing to make. This will take the guess work out of the what’s and the how’s.

For support in using these essences, I am running workshops to show you how to navigate your experiences more easily so you can use them to your best advantage.

Young Living Oils – Lorna Russell

Young Living Essential Oils have the patented Seed to Seal process that inspired wellness, purpose and abundance by distilling nature’s greatest gifts into pure essential oils.

With a commitment to plant purity and essential oil potency, Young Living continues to grow, inspiring millions of people to transform their lives.

Lorna Russell: I have always been referred to as a hippie or greenie by friends and family! In fact one of my favourite titles was Captain Planet!

As long as I can remember I have been passionate about helping others, conscious of environmental struggles and have always felt immense empathy for all beings.

No surprise then that I ended up working in Community Services and Management for many years, however I always held a deep connection to spirit and continued my spiritual growth by reading, meditation and spiritual education classes.
In 2008 I was blessed to be connected with Young Living Essential Oils.  These oils and the ethos and culture of Young Living have enabled me to nurture my passion in many ways and I love sharing these beautiful gifts and talking about the positive impacts on people, animals and our beautiful planet.
Now, as part of the team at Relax and Replenish in Redcliffe I feel that I am able to combine all of my passions.  This wellness centre is a real community hub that offers a place to relax, to learn and provides tools and information for wellness and balance of the Mind, Body and Soul.

Janis Gibson

Janis-1Janis Gibson is an Internationally known Clairvoyant / Medium who has worked in the US, UK, New Zealand and extensively throughout Australia as a Workshop Facilitator, on stage medium, Reader and Past Life Regression facilitator.

The ability to bring messages through from the other side creates a sense of comfort and peace in those who require this help. She is able to connect with departed loved ones to be the voice they need.

Past Life Regressions are a very powerful way of discovering what is affecting us in this life that we have brought through  from previous lifetimes.

The healing that is brought about by realizing that we never really lose anyone and that we reconnect with those who have passed over when the time is right. A very gentle way of coming to terms with loss.

In depth readings are available where Janis will tap into past present and future, bringing through the guidance that one seeks and the empowerment and courage to embrace the journey with new eyes.

Phn: 0419 993 308


Veronica Miles – iPhoenix

Whenever Energy Balancing work had been carried out in the past, a client  would lay on a table and the practitioner would then work on the person. This has been the way for a long time.

With New Higher Vibrational Energies now coming into the planet we have new opportunities to use these energies for ourselves. We can lay down new pathways and begin creating new templates for our own evolution. Begin to create the life we want for ourselves.

The iPhoenix work is multidimensional and a new system in Transforming the Power of Human Energy and the way in which we create our lives.

We are moving into an energy focused on Self-Empowerment and the iPhoenix is one of the true Self-Empowerment works for the enlightened human being.

The iPhoenix is a Practical Tool, a tool devised to be used in the new energy by the revolutionary new human being, taking a different approach to daily living.

Learn how you can tap into your own energetic system to build and strengthen the templates that are most relevant to you.

Maybe you feel the need to heal around your Heart, clear your Senses, or bring more balance to your Solar Plexus just to name a few areas that you can align and make your own adjustments.

You are the master of your own life and only you know of your journey so working with the iPhoenix you can realign, arrange, balance and harmonise your own patterns.

Once you have completed working on your own patterns within a session of the iPhoenix you can at any time, build new templates, adjust your patterns, align and balance whenever you feel the need.

The iPhoenix can be used in practical ways such as; helping in that important presentation at work, a job interview, getting through a health crisis, relationship issues and so many more situations we face on a daily basis.

We have been waiting a long time for this new energy to come through and now’s the time to take a leap and become all that we have ever wanted to be and begin to create the life we have always wanted to live.  

At the Expo I will be giving a talk about the iPhoenix work and what is means for us as we move into the new energy.

I will also demonstrate and teach one of the patterns of the iPhoenix for you to learn and take with you so that you are free to tap in and use it at any time.

I look forward to connecting

For more information contact
Veronica Miles
Ph: 0412 496 325

Sharon Costello

Sharon-OntatzisSpirit World Connection Through Mediumship and Channelling

Sharon is a clairvoyant medium helping people to bring greater meaning and purpose into their spiritual lives.

Sharon communicates with loved ones in the spirit world through mediumship and has a natural and unique relationship with spirit.

She is a channel for spirit contact and confirmation of life after death. Sharon’s readings are very accurate and she is highly professional with many years experience and works with a great deal of empathy and love.

She does private, group and photo readings as well as psychometry.

Kerry Laizans

Kerry-LaizansKerry is a channel for Spirit who uses Tarot cards as a focus for her readings. She draws upon her shamanic training as well as her experience as a counsellor to provide intuitive counselling that goes straight to the heart of what you need to hear.

Kerry says, “As I get clearer there is less in the way of allowing Spirit to speak through me in whatever way you need to receive your guidance. My intention is always to provide a safe space so that you may go to wherever is the next part of the journey for you.”

Wayne Pina-Roozemond

Guest Speaker & Event Organizer:



The Link Between Physical and Emotional Pain
Sunday 11.30 – 12.30

Ever Since I can remember I have had the ability to see future events, at first I had no idea what they would mean and would mention to my mother that I had dreamed about something after the event occurred. Mum would pat me on the head and say that was nice dear and continue on with her day. Then one day she said to me “next time you have a dream tell me it straight away”, so I did, the next dream I had I told her about, I didn’t have to wait long as the event happened that afternoon, from then she took my dreams much more seriously.

For the last 30 years I have been told by many seers, mediums and psychics that I only have one purpose in this life and that is to teach and heal, for most of those 30 years I ignored these words entirely, telling everyone that I was going to live my own life and do my own thing.

But fate had a way of changing that, in May of 2005, my life changed forever and I decided it was about time I paid attention to spirit and what it was trying to teach me, so that I might finally take on the role I was born to be, one of a healer and a teacher.

The Link Between Physical and Emotional Pain

The premise of this talk is to help people understand that to truly heal themselves they must understand what emotions and energies are at work that have created the problem in the first place. The talk is the first step in understanding the emotion that lies behind every physical aliment and disease state and how to go about making changes in your life to correct these states.

Heal Yourself Foundation
PO Box 260
Gympie QLD 4570

Faith Stevens


Faith Stevens

Faith Stevens




My purpose is to assist others through professional readings bringing a greater sense of purpose and meaning into their lives through spirit, channeling messages from the afterlife with confirmation from loved ones.

  • Mediumship
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Clairaudience
  • Psychometry
  • Angel Cards

Readings are done with loving intent through spirit and myself

Before starting reading it is important to tune into spirit by lifting your own vibrations.  Always ask that the information for the client be for the higher good and healing.  It is important to open your chakra to loving intent before beginning readings.  I feel the readings are structured by spirit to suit the needs of the client.

I place my trust in spirit and the client and by asking the client if there is anything specific they would like answered or if they hope any departed loved ones will come through during the reading; I believe that by spirit hearing the voice of the client assists in opening the channels and allows the communication to flow more freely.

I Feeling very fortunate to have the “Three C’s”

Clairaudience:   Hearing (hearing the voice of spirit – like mental telepathy, in my head)

Clairsentience:  Feelings (the more I travel along my path with spirit the more I become in tune with other, being able to sense how they are feeling – emotions, happy, sad etc)

Clairvoyance:     Seeing (clear sight of present, past and future.  Seeing spirit.  Able to see clients loved ones who have passed over and to be able to describe their appearance, characteristics, health issues and how they have passed)

Some clients feel more comfortable with a tactile medium for which I utilize Angel cards to pass on messages.  This allows for a more hands on approach from the client with them being able to select a particular card or cards from which the message is delivered.  (I use Angel cards to channel messages from Spirit.

Most importantly I feel that the messages received from spirit are to allow people to learn, grow and heal.



PHONE  0428988789.

Francie Griffin

Francie Griffin

Francie Griffin

Hello and blessings!  My name is Francie Griffin and I am an artist and healer based in Brisbane.  It is the intention that my art be joyful, healing and infused with spirit.

My desire for my art to be a healing force led me to discover I have the ability to channel guides working with people and to transfer their energetic imprint into beautiful pastel drawings.  I connect you with guidance from your guide and your drawing also provides a means for you to begin building your own relationship with your guide/s.

Each drawing is unique and I often have no idea who I will be drawing or how they will appear until I begin the process, I liken it to putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Your guide guides me as I draw. I also work with my guides and am indebted to one named Orpheus who was instrumental in my development in this field.  Orpheus loves being at the expos and often people remark that they feel his presence!  Our intent is to bring forth the guide working with you for your highest good at that time and to bring you joy and healing through the connection with your guide.

I get much feedback from people I have drawn for who are extremely touched and grateful for the connection with their guide and it is heart-warming for me to be a channel that is trusted by them and spirit.

“…It is amazing how much my life has changed since receiving my drawing, I call upon him to help me & things turn out perfectly, I am so blessed & life couldn’t be better (grin emoticon) Thank You again & Take Care. Blessings to you xoxo”                                                                                                           TS Adelaide, May 2016



I follow up all drawings with a message card from your guide.  I have come across people on occasion that I have drawn for months, sometimes even years, prior and they pull out their message card from their handbag, a loving reminder for them of their spiritual guide and their message.

I will be available for in person drawings at the Heal Your Life Expo.  If you would like to have a drawing please feel free to contact me and pre-book.  I am limited to the number I can do each day and often get booked out at these expos so please pre-book so you don’t miss out.  There will be artwork and prints for sale as well as the new Oracle Cards, Namaste I See You, that I have created the artwork for.   Please have a look at my website to see more of my work and if you appreciate my work please like me on Facebook at Spirit Guide Art.  I look forward to meeting you, please drop by my stall, say hello and have a look at my offerings.


Francie Griffin

Facebook:  Spirit Guide Art

Mobile:  0402 856473